Saturday, May 27, 2017

A unicorn party for a magical TWO year old.

How on God's green earth is my baby girl almost two? These have been two of the most girly filled years. The days have certainly been long, but my how time has flown! I so vividly remember her coming into this world screaming bloody murder and NOT calming down. Such a Gemini. Although she turned out to be a very easy baby, cuddly toddler, she definitely has a little dose of fire inside of her. She loves purple, telling her brothers they are naughty, actually tattling on anyone, and the girl LOVES unicorns. Or, "coins," as she calls them.

Leila's tutu: Wraredoll
Cupcakes: Target
Cupcake Stand: Crate & Barrel
Wrapping Paper: Target
Pinwheels: Target
Mantle decor and straws: Gift, Meri Meri brand
Cookies: Local baker "Cookieliciousness on Facebook
Cake stands: TJ Maxx
Paper plates and napkins: Hobby Lobby

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