Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year Resolutions: 2017

Last year was a total year of growth in our household! One side of me thinks "oh hey, that is really mature, Caitlin..." and another side of me is like "F that B!" One of my favorite 2016 resolutions was "If it not a hell yeah, it's a no!" and I feel so proud to say I really stuck with that! I said 'no' way more than I said "hell yeah" which resulted in a lot of family time, which was priceless. In 2016 I was able to rid myself of some poor relationships that were fostered on complaining about others, I was better able to stand my ground when I really just wanted to be a people-pleaser, and I learned something awesome/annoying about my husband. If you tell him not to do one thing, he will do that exact thing to be a pain in the ass. This works wonderfully knowing I can now reverse psychology! (Side note: He will 'like' this post when I put it on Facebook because he is nice like that, but guarantee he will not read this!)

This year I came up with some new resolutions that physically and mentally plausible.

1. Lose half of my gained "baby weight." Which I now just call "mom weight," because it has been 19 months since I had a baby. I bit the bullet and joined Orange Theory Fitness, something I am really looking forward to. My favorite "baby hating" neighbor is going to join me on this journey and I could not be more excited! I am 30 pounds heavier now than I was before I got pregnant with Aiden. Thirty, freaking, pounds. I am setting a realistic goal of losing 15 this year, and 15 next year!

2017 Goals! Keep babies, lose baby weight!

2. Foster meaningful friendships. I have been fortunate enough in my life to meet people that really enhance life. They are fun to hang out with, whether it is shopping, drinking, or cooking together. Rather than spend my time ruminating on failed relationships, I am going to spend time with those that matter. Even though my best friend lives a few states a way, finding more scheduled time for conversations, and making her feel special when I can't be there to bring a bottle of wine and watch Netflix. Also, another best friend is pregnant with her first baby. There is something so special and fun about being a part of a friendship when babies are involved. I always need to remember, "surround yourself with cheerleaders and get rid of the vampires!" 

3. Bulk up our savings! I need to come up with a plan for this. Now that I finally have a job, I feel a little more comfortable stacking away money for savings. In 2016 we paid off all of our credit card debt and it feels so freeing. When you live on one income for so long, it was hard to hack away at our undergraduate credit card debt. Now if we could only pay off student loans, just kidding, that will likely never happen! 

4. De - freaking - clutter!! We have SO. MUCH. STUFF. I feel like Toys R Us could not hold a candle to our basement right now. We have trains and train tables, cars, and baby toys that all kids have outgrown... they need to go. Mr. Sentimental Aiden is the nay-sayer and always cries that he loves that toy when I am about to get rid of it. We have so many baby things that need to go. People always tell me how pretty my house is, which I work hard to make it pretty, but literally every drawer, cabinet, basket is jammed full of toys. Before Aiden was big enough to like toys I would daydream about the cute houses that had all of these adorable baby toys and picture my children playing with them. What was I thinking?! Baby toys procreate in the night and most are hideous. Hellooo Container Store! 

5. Re-do some house things. For the most part, all rooms are finished in our house. But, I do want to add some things. Aiden needs a headboard, and maybe a room update, we need new furniture in our master bedroom, and my goodness, Leila may move to a bed in 2017! Please, little babe, stop growing up! I might even add some curtains and window fixtures to our office this year... who knows what kind of crazy things that will bring! I hope that I will find more time to blog about our home and our life as things start to even out in our house... no little tiny babies, more stability at work, every other Friday off starting in February, and less football. Sad day, Broncos. 

What do you all have in store for 2017?! I would love to hear!

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