Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What we have been up to... the last two months!

I have been bad at blogging. I am still trying to find a workable work/life balance. I think I am doing pretty well, I LOVE my new job, and I haven't forgotten a lunch yet! (I may have forgotten about school pictures, and Berto got them dressed, Aiden was wearing a blue athletic shirt, black athletic shorts, with a nice snowy background - thank goodness for retakes!)

Luke started soccer this season. At first he hated it, but liked his coach a lot. There were a few games with tears, and then finally the last two games he turned it on and scored a few goals each game! I really need to jump on the 'girl mom' train and stop hating on how little girls play sports. I think I will just put Leila in dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading so I do not find the need to be super competitive. Well, who am I kidding, I still will be. I cannot wait for the day they separate boys and girls for sports. I know, I am awful! 

Aiden started his second season of flag football and asks me every day when he can play tackle football. His brother has gotten the brunt of his want/need to tackle more times than I can count. Poor, Lukey. 

And we went to Disneyland! 

And to Newport and Huntington Beach!

And Luke jumped off of a 7 foot playground and was limping for two weeks. We finally took him to the doctor to get an X-ray, nothing was wrong. Maybe some slight ligament damage. But, he has growth plates that are very far apart and they told us he will be tall! He is already as tall as Aiden was this time last year and they are 2.5 years apart! 

Leila learned to climb. Everything. 

We planted some bulbs so they bloom in the spring. She had this bow in for 2.2 seconds. She is over bows. Which makes me cry on the inside, and maybe outside too. 

We watched lots of football practice. 

Watched lots of games. 

Luke just wanted some shade to watch other kids play with toys on YouTube. 

And that is that! I am hoping to get back to sharing decorating, but, no promises. I did buy a new Christmas tree which I am super excited about! I am just barely staying afloat. But I am half-drowning, happily!