Thursday, May 26, 2016

First birthday madness.

I do not know why I stress myself out so much about birthday's, but it is something I always look forward too. I don't particularly love little minions running through my house destroying things, but, a birthday party means one year older, hopefully one year healthier, and an excuse to see good friends and family.

This year was particularly hard to shop for. We have like every toy invented (I know, first world problems) so I wanted to get something more meaningful for Leila's first birthday. I thought about it for awhile and finally decided last week what I was going to get her so I thought I would share with you all in case you are ever struggling what to get a one year old (like I often do)!


I wanted something she would love, and something that could be useful and meaningful. I wasn't really going for a color theme, but it kind of just worked out that way! I bought all of these items at Nordstrom because they have the best customer service and price matched all of the online sales for these items. I did not pay full price for any of them! SCORE! 

I cannot believe my littlest peanut will be one in just a few short days. I hope to have all of the pictures of her party up by the end of the holiday weekend! 

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