Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Is it really the last week of April?

I cannot believe that one year ago I was almost counting down until my sweet baby girl would be coming! Now, I am on the countdown to planning her first birthday party. First birthday's are always a big deal. At least I like to tell myself that - "YOU SURVIVED THE FIRST YEAR!" It is funny how you want all of the milestones to happen so quickly with your first baby, and you can't wait for them to roll over, crawl, walk, talk, etc. Then with each kid, you want time to slow way down, but it ends up going faster each time.

Then I have my oldest baby just about a month away from finishing Kindergarten. I cannot believe how much he has grown in the first year. He is reading books, well - reading everything, has passed all Kindergarten site words and has moved on to spelling words, he can do math faster than I can (I still have mommy brain - don't read too much in to that), and still writes sentences with either no space between words or a giant space between words... can't win them all!

Then there is my sweet, sweet Luke. I have a special soft spot for that kid - and he sure knows it. He has these golden brown eyes with a blue ring around them and I am probably wrapped a little too tightly around his finger. He cries too hard when I leave and tells me "two more minutes" about ten times and then asks for his whole she-bang when I leave which involves kisses, pound-its, high fives, and boops. I cannot believe he will be four this year... "I will miss you mom.." always softly rolling off of his tongue. *Be still my heart*

We went bowling with my family this past weekend after a fun getaway in Blackhawk (our mountain casino town) and I have a small moment where I though to myself, okay, I can let these kids grow up, we can do fun things and I can enjoy seeing the joy on their faces...

Will summer ever come?

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