Sunday, March 20, 2016

Freshly Picked: Our favorite baby moccasins!

I do not think it will come as a surprise that we all love Freshly Picked moccasins. Prior to having Leila, I did not even know about these amazing little things, and I am SO glad my world has been opened up to the cuteness and practical-ness (I just invented a word, I think) of these moccasins.

Size 3 in Birch

With the boys, baby socks drove me nuts. They never stayed on and their little feet were always cold because socks were constantly coming off. When shopping at Nordstrom prior to Leila's birth, I saw these little boxes of heaven in the children's section. They looked so big for a newborn, so I headed online to do some research. Come to find out, they made a size 0 and they are called crib moccasins!! I ordered Leila her first pair for heading up to the mountains when she was just a few weeks old!

As she started to grow, I knew I would need more of these... I ordered her a size 1 in Platinum which were the perfect color and kept her little tootsies super warm! I even got my husband hooked, and we ordered two pairs during their Black Tuesday holiday sale, and he insisted that one of the pairs be "No Place Like Home" for the holidays (they are sparkly red, and super cute)! These rarely fall off, they keep their feet so warm, and they are comfortable enough to nap in! They truly are a baby must-have!

There have already been so many "firsts" in these moccasins, and I know there will be many more. We have seen the first smile while wearing her Passion Fruit crib moccasins, her first little laugh while wearing her Platinum moccasins, and her first time "army" crawling while wearing her Heirloom Cream and Silver moccasins. As she has become mobile, we can see the wear on the moccasins, something we will forever treasure as she grows older. One thing I cannot wait for, seeing her little footprints on the bottom of the moccasins as a time stamp for how little her feet are, and how little they once were, as she grows older! 

Size 3 Baby You're A Firework

Many people ask me how old she is and what size moccasins she is wearing. While there is generally a good time to buy crib moccasins (in my opinion, as soon as your baby is born), it is best to measure your little one's foot in order to get the correct size! I have found that the size chart on the Freshly Picked website is very accurate! Leila is almost 10 months and just moved into a size three, but every kiddo will vary! 

With that being said..... in the VERY near future! 

Blue Door and Burlap is giving away one pair of soft sole moccasins (U.S. Residents Only) to one of our blog readers! Stay tuned for more details about what you have to do to enter! 

**I was not financially compensated for writing this post. I did, however, receive a sample product for review purposes. All opinions written in this post are 100% mine and all future moccasins will be purchased by me (and my family members that love Leila, hint...hint). I have done my best to write an unbiased review, but, let's be honest, these really are the best made moccasins out there!**

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