Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The kid that plays.

An ode to my oldest child, the one that NEVER slows down. This child will wake up in the morning, before anyone else, sneak downstairs like a mouse, put his snow stuff on and head outside. Yes, you are reading that right. One morning I woke up and saw his wet snow pants and boots on the floor of the kitchen. Can you imagine my shock when I found out he was outside playing before me or his sibling were awake?! My neighbor can testify, she told him he had to go back inside! (Thanks for not calling CPS, friend!)

These Nikes are not even 6 months old. They still fit. But he NEVER stops running. He is also going to be seeing an allergist because we are 99 % sure the poor thing has asthma. He coughs all night, year round, and it is getting worse as he gets older. Tonight I went in to refill his humidifier (it is dry as all heck this time of the year in Colorado) and he sat up, started coughing, and threw up all over his comforter. If I could keep him still, I would. But he is just a free bird and LOVES to be on the run. I can't even picture how much more energy his little body will produce as he gets older. 

He also just participated in his school's fun run and raised a ton of money for the school, I am proud of him! He ran 34 laps. I know this picture is blurry, but I love how supportive his friends are and it shows true sportsmanship. 

We are in for some gorgeous weather the next 10 days and I am so excited to get out and let him get some of his energy out! 

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