Sunday, January 31, 2016

Leila: 8 months old!

The little Leggy bean is eight months old! Every child grows up even faster than their older sibling, and I can finally see glimpses of her little personality shining through her cute baby-ness! She is probably going to be a clown, like Aiden, but loves to snuggle, like Luke did. She is also sassy and yells, VERY loudly to get our attention, or get more food in her mouth! She loves cabinets, army crawling, and getting pummeled with her brothers slippers. Like, she laughs HILARIOUSLY! She is self feeding and loved eggs, blueberry yogurt, and puffs! She is very observant about her surroundings (you would have to be with two, crazy older brothers) and is always trying to get close to them! We tell everyone she is a tough crowd to please, she doesn't like strangers and usually only her family can get her to smile, otherwise, you get the stink eye!

January 29th, 2016

Clothing: 12 months
Diaper size: 3
Weight: chubby :)

These photos are getting harder and harder to take, as soon as I put her down, she rolls right over! 

Some nicknames we have for her are: Leggy and Leily
Heath issues: Nothing this month (thank goodness!)
Sleep: She goes to bed around 6:30 p.m. and wakes up around 8:00 a.m. She takes one long nap during the day!
Diet: Nursing about 4-5 times a day, and lots of food! She loved everything we gave her this month! 
Baby gear love: Her swing, baby carrier, highchair (because she gets food), and she still sleeps well in her crib at night!
Likes: Her bunny, unicorn, JellyCat, chewing on her brothers dinosaurs, trying to play with her brothers!
Dislikes: Being cold, hungry, or dirty, her carseat! 
Milestones: She is army crawling all over the place!! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

What's for dinner this week? Check out Pinterest.

What is on the menu for the week? Easy, peasy stuff, my friends. I can tell you this, it is not easy to wake up, pump, make dinner for the evening (crock pot, most likely), get ready, get three kids fed, ready, nurse the baby, and then get to work on time. But I did survive (and was not late), so that is a good thing!

Here is our dinner menu this week:

You can find the link to all of the recipes on my Weekly Dinner Pinterest board

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Dinner on Pinterest

Last year when we were discussing whether or not to add another family member to our family, we decided that if we were going to have three children, we would need to cut back on other luxuries like eating out almost every night. One month, I went through our bank statement, and we spent over $800 just on eating out - NOT. OKAY. So, for the majority of 2015 we have eaten at home and spend no more than $100 on eating out weekly, that includes Starbucks, energy drinks, what have you.

I always see so many posts about people not knowing what to cook during the week, and posts about wanting to switch up their menu, so I thought I would share our weekly recipes about what we are eating throughout the week in case you would like to add something new to your dinner rotation!

Check out my Pinterest Board on Sunday night's for the updated recipes!

Here is this week's menu: (I cannot promise to post a blog about it weekly, but I will remind you on my Instagram, and will definitely update Pinterest)

Creamy Balsamic and Herb Chicken

Crockpot Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bowl

CPK Kung Pao Spaghetti

French Dip Sandwiches

I hope you enjoy! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Years Resolutions: of all kinds!

In the past, I have rarely made new years resolutions. I never follow through, and usually they are some unrealistic idea of who I should or should not be, what I should do, or how I should change the way I look. Well, not this year. Last year my husband and I did a whole financial makeover and that was our unspoken New Years resolution, and believe it or not, we stuck to our budget all year and paid down our debt. We are students, there is no way it is completely paid off, but we are slowly working toward taking the correct measures to make a reliable plan. This year, we have some house resolutions (aka. projects) and some real-life resolutions.

1. "If it isn't a HELL YEAH, it is a no." I saw this post online and it really resonated with how I feel about things. I am tired of spending my time doing things I do not want to do, only to please other people. In fact, I have spent too many years attending things I didn't want to, or helping someone when it felt like an obligation, not something I would want to do, and I am over it. I realize this probably makes me sound selfish, but it isn't about that. What it is about, when I say yes to someone else or something else, it means I am saying 'no' to my family. Those three sweet faces come before anyone, so if that is selfish of me, so be it.

2. Be more authentic. I have spent a lot of time in my life worried about looking one way, and it is not about how I look that matters. Well, maybe it matters to other people, but it doesn't matter to the people that matter in my life. I can remember a time in my life when I would spend money that I shouldn't have spent on an outfit because I was going to a party a "frenemy" would be at. No more. I wear what I wear, I shower or not, I do my hair or don't do my hair. It doesn't matter. I need to worry about being more of my true self around everyone, not just the people that are close to me. 

3. Read EVERY night. We were really good at this for a long time. Good at it until Leila was born. Then pure exhaustion set in and we were still trying to figure out bed time with three children and nursing. No more excuses. We have been reading every night and I can just tell the boys appreciate that time so much, and I am happy that this is one that we have figured out the nuts and bolts, even if it is before showers and baths, to make it happen. 

4. Take more action. This was Berto's goal. When the "change oil" light goes on, get the oil changed that week. When the "low tire pressure" alert happens, put air in the tires. He has decided to be more proactive with things that come up in life with kids, cars, and work. 

5. Purge. This is not to be confused with bulimia. We have TOO MUCH STUFF. We went through the basement toys over Christmas Break and sold a lot of things. We need to get rid of so much more in order to live a life with less things and more memories. Our basement is so much cleaner, organized, and the boys are having so much more fun down there now. It feels refreshing to get rid of things you no longer need or use. 

6. Have a reasonable bed time. I am usually up until one in the morning. It is ridiculous and I am tired and grumpy with my kids the following day. During the week, we have set an "upstairs by 10, in bed by 10:30" rule and we have actually been going to bed before that time! 

7. Re-do our fireplace. I have plans for this, but you will just have to stay tuned to the blog to see where it goes! Hint: Joanna Gaines. 

There will certainly be more home projects this year including finishing Luke's room, adding more "Aiden" to Aiden's room, and some other smaller things. I am hoping that using this blog as my sounding board it provides some accountability for my resolutions. So, if I am up Sunday-Thursday and you see me online, tell me to go to bed! :)