Saturday, November 28, 2015

Instagram Superlatives: 2015

I thought I would throw together some of my favorite Instagram feeds to follow because Instagram is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and has created a slight shopping obsession (shout out to small businesses!)

Best kids clothing: @sweetees_ 

They are the best for a few reasons. One, they are pre-washed American Apparel tees, so that means they are REALLY soft! Two, they have the most darling sayings! We ordered this exact shirt for Leila for our trip to Disney and she sadly did not even get to wear it because it was the rare 95* day in October. Boo. She still rocks it weekly at home though! 


Pretty much everything in this feed I want in my house, like yesterday. Her style is so sweet, country farmhouse, and the colors are so perfect. I have a soft spot for vignettes and there are so many beautiful ones on this feed! 

Best baby bows: @babyblingbows

These bows are AMAZING. They don't leave any compression marks and they are cute as can be! They also can grow with your babes! They also sell these at Nordstrom, but they have way more colors and styles online! 

Best mom fashion blog: @IMDANIELLY

Her little dude is cute as heck, but her style is even cuter. I am kind of obsessed with her closet, but her clothes and accessories are to die for! Her feed is so much fun to follow! 

Best moccasins: @freshlypicked

These moccs are pretty much famous already, so I do not need to sing their praises. You can buy them online and at Nordstrom. They keep babes feet warm, they don't fall off, and they are cute as heck! They also were on Shark Tank, and honestly, how cool is that?!

Favorite "mom" instagram: @jlgarvin

My best friend introduced me to this blog and I love it. Not only does she have three adorable little girls, she is a mom of three, which means something special. Moms who have three kids have a whole new world of motherhood, and that one quote "the first kid you feed all organic food, the second kid can eat food off of the floor, and the third kid eats dirt outside and you wonder if they need lunch" is SO true. Someone is always fighting, crying, hungry, thirsty, or needs a diaper change. Her Instagram feed is awesome, and her blog is even better! 

Well, happy Saturday! If you want to follow my Instagram feed, you can do so HERE

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