Sunday, November 29, 2015

Leila: six months old!

How is this little girl a half of a year old already?! Time has been FLYING and I just want it to slow down! Sometimes I feel like she is so much older than she is because she sleeps so well!

November 29th, 2015

Clothes: 6 - 9 months
Diaper: size 3
Height: TBD
Weight: TBD

Some nicknames we have for her are: Leil-y, Leggy, Leggy-buggy
Heath issues: Poor girl got her first real cold this month that Aiden brough home from school. Our whole house got it. Hers turned in to an ear infection so she has been on antibiotics for the last week! 
Sleep: Her bed time is at 7:00 p.m. and she wakes up around 8 a.m. Some days she takes one nap and others she takes two! 
Diet: Mostly nursing. She eats some baby food but has not been super interested because of her sickness. Mangos are a no go, they caused her to have an AWFUL diaper rash! 
Baby gear love: Her jumper, her bumbo (although these things cause quite the diaper explosions), and her swing! 
Likes: She is pretty happy, I think she likes almost everything and everyone! 
Dislikes: Being cold, hungry, or dirty! <---- same as last month!

This month was her first Thanksgiving and since we were all sick and I am mom of the year, I don't have any pictures other than one, and it is not a good one! 

my first halloween 

one happy flamingo!


my first pumpkin

Happy half-year Leggy Buggy!! 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Instagram Superlatives: 2015

I thought I would throw together some of my favorite Instagram feeds to follow because Instagram is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and has created a slight shopping obsession (shout out to small businesses!)

Best kids clothing: @sweetees_ 

They are the best for a few reasons. One, they are pre-washed American Apparel tees, so that means they are REALLY soft! Two, they have the most darling sayings! We ordered this exact shirt for Leila for our trip to Disney and she sadly did not even get to wear it because it was the rare 95* day in October. Boo. She still rocks it weekly at home though! 


Pretty much everything in this feed I want in my house, like yesterday. Her style is so sweet, country farmhouse, and the colors are so perfect. I have a soft spot for vignettes and there are so many beautiful ones on this feed! 

Best baby bows: @babyblingbows

These bows are AMAZING. They don't leave any compression marks and they are cute as can be! They also can grow with your babes! They also sell these at Nordstrom, but they have way more colors and styles online! 

Best mom fashion blog: @IMDANIELLY

Her little dude is cute as heck, but her style is even cuter. I am kind of obsessed with her closet, but her clothes and accessories are to die for! Her feed is so much fun to follow! 

Best moccasins: @freshlypicked

These moccs are pretty much famous already, so I do not need to sing their praises. You can buy them online and at Nordstrom. They keep babes feet warm, they don't fall off, and they are cute as heck! They also were on Shark Tank, and honestly, how cool is that?!

Favorite "mom" instagram: @jlgarvin

My best friend introduced me to this blog and I love it. Not only does she have three adorable little girls, she is a mom of three, which means something special. Moms who have three kids have a whole new world of motherhood, and that one quote "the first kid you feed all organic food, the second kid can eat food off of the floor, and the third kid eats dirt outside and you wonder if they need lunch" is SO true. Someone is always fighting, crying, hungry, thirsty, or needs a diaper change. Her Instagram feed is awesome, and her blog is even better! 

Well, happy Saturday! If you want to follow my Instagram feed, you can do so HERE

Friday, November 27, 2015

The diary of a sad couch: Pottery Barn.

Prior to moving in to our new home we did a lot of research about couches and which would work best for our family. With a growing family and two young children, there was no doubt in my mind that we wanted to have slip covered couches for the convenience of being able to wash them in the case that something made them dirty. We looked at many different places. American Furniture Warehouse, WOW, Ikea, Furniture Row, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn... to name a few.

After testing out couches, checking inserts, looking at the build of the couch in the show room, we finally decided that Pottery Barn had some great build and quality, or so we thought.

After the couches were delivered, and set down, without slip covers, and the slip covers just thrown on the ground and we were asked to sign for them, we were not off to the greatest of starts. We were so in love with them for the first few months and then the couches started to get this crease in the middle. Fluffing would work for a little bit, but as soon as anyone sat near them, they would start to crease and fall forward.

See the slight crease in the above photo? Behind these pillows that are virtually holding up the entire back are sad, sagging inserts. The pillows hold the backs of the couch pillows up. In other blog photos, I have put cardboard in the insert to keep them upright. I am tired of fighting these things. Do not get me wrong, the couches are COMFORTABLE. But they are failing after just two years of having them. They actually started this sagging biz-nass within the year.

I went in to our local Pottery Barn and spoke with the manager about the sadness in the couch inserts. She asked me if I had the "poly-fill" or "down-fill" and I told her they are the "poly-fill" which are supposed to hold up much better than their "down-fill" counterparts. We looked at the couches on the show room floor and their inserts are MUCH sturdier and look much better.

Look how perky these inserts are?! These will not be what your couch comes with!

The manager on the floor told me that she has people tell her that her couches last between 6 and 8 years before needed new inserts, that something is not right about my two year old sagging couch inserts. In fact, my couch inserts are starting to create small poly-fill balls within the insert. 

The manager told me to contact the quality department and send photos because our couch is just over two years old. In fact, two years and one month old. We have two of these, they are both doing it, and for these two couches, they are $3000. Yes, we bought $3000 couches that did not even last two years. 

When contacting the quality department, I expected some sort of resolve in terms of these inserts and I got an e-mail back stating that because of the couches age (a ripe two years) they can no longer do anything other than provide me a small discount on new inserts. New inserts for this couch (PB Comfort) are $38 dollars each, and we need four. That is another $152 dollars on top of the $3000 they cost two years ago. Lets be honest, who in their right mind wants to be investing $152 dollars every two years on a couch that cost so much to begin with. Not I said the fly. 

Overall, I am just sad that the manager on the floor told me she thinks that something is wrong with my poly-fill, and the quality team can offer no hope for the couches other than more money. While I love these couches, and LOVE how they look when they are not drooping like old lady "you know whats"... It is a major waste of money to buy something that cannot even last two years for such a hefty price. 

So, if you are thinking about investing in a Pottery Barn couch for a few thousand dollars, I urge you to do you research and look elsewhere. After a year of having the $3000 couches, you are just about forgotten when it comes to dealing with a failing product. Your couch has one year to fail, and even if they start failing within that year, when you are pregnant and having a baby, it is not on the top of the list to be dealing with a failing couch. 

I am fairly sure you would be better off buying the IKEA look-alike for a fraction of what these "saggy girls" cost! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Luke's third birthday: A dinosaur party!

I literally feel like I blinked and my littlest guy turned three! Where did the last three years go?! Well, pretty much everything Aiden has been in to, Luke also loves! With one exception, Luke LOVES dinosaurs! He asked for a dinosaur party and that is what we gave him!

Those eyes, be still my heart! 

Cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, thank you labels, food labels: Etsy - So Sweet Party Shop
Candle: Lolli & Pops
Cupcakes: Target Bakery
Pin wheels, wood slices, green holders, fruit cups, orange tub: Hobby Lobby
Various white party plates: Party City

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family room: Fall 2015

I think last time I showed you our family room it looked like this.... all decked out for Christmas! Over the last year we have added a few new things including a rug and TV console from American Furniture Warehouse and some blinds from Overstock! I thought I better take some pictures of our fall decorations before I break them down and put up Christmas decorations!

I have been really bad about taking pictures of our home since Leila has been born... that is in large part to baby gear being EVERYWHERE: spit rags, bouncers, Bumbo, blankets, etc. Even now, all of those things are just placed in my dining area to make it appear that we don't have these ugly, colorful plastic things laying around! 

And this is what these guys do when I am cleaning and taking pictures! Leila is up there with them now because they needed "a princess of their throne..." I swear, I did not teach them these gender stereotypes! 

If you have any questions about where I got things, feel free to comment or e-mail me and I will let you know! I have a hungry baby to get to!