Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Leila: four months old!

Four months!!

September 29, 2015

I swear I love this girl more every single day, even though the day before I do not think it is even possibly to love her more than I do! This past weekend I traveled out of state for a friend's wedding and I had far too many distorted thoughts about never seeing her again... needless to say, leaving her was more than difficult. Pumping was difficult. Airports and pumping were even more difficult. 

Weight: 14 lbs. 2.2 oz.
Length: 24.74"

Some nicknames we have for her are: Leil-y, Leggy, Leggy bug
Heath issues: Still battling reflux, but I think it is getting better as she gets a little older. 
Sleep: She was doing great. She has hit her four month regression. Enough said. Get ready to cry it out, baby love, because it is coming! Mommy and daddy do not like being woken up every two hours!
Diet: 100% breastmilk 
Baby gear love: Her bumbo, jumperoo, her swing, pretty much everything she is in... she is a super happy baby!
Likes: she still loves being held, her little lovey-bunny and hippo, her wubba-nub, being bounced in her bouncy chair, smiling, cozy blankets, her lovies on both sides of her face when she goes to sleep
Dislikes: being cold and naked after bath, being hungry (who doesn't?!), screaming brothers, dad beard kisses

I have been really bad about keeping up on the blog. Life has kind of been out of control busy lately. I am going to try and calm some things down in life this upcoming month, and we have very few plans, so I am very excited about that! 

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