Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Upholstery decisions: the tale of an ugly chair.

So I have THE most comfortable nursery chair in Leila's nursery but it is kind of ugly. Not nasty, hideous ugly, but it ain't pretty, folks. Not only does it not scream feminine, floral nursery.... it has this sort of wind breaker material that is noisy and when I have to stand up with a sleepy baby it startles her. We had it in Luke's nursery and it worked a little bit better for a little dude nursery, but it was still not awesome.

So I went to and found 8 different fabric choices that I love. Like, I could picture this chair with all of the swatches. So I am asking you this... please help me decide which one you would think would look better in this nursery?

Whoops, ignore the fact that five and six are exactly the same! Whoops! Leila has a blanket in this print and it is adorable... but I love the others too! Ah, help me! 

Oh, and I will be staining or painting the wooden rails! 

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