Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aiden's First Day of Kindergarten

Holy moly, I cannot believe I have a kid in kindergarten. Every day he is so much more grown up and I sure am going to miss his help during the days. He only goes to school Monday, Wednesdays and some various Friday's, but he helps me so much with Leila!

We had Back to School night on Monday and afterwards we went over to my in-laws house for dinner. When we were at Back to School night he found his name in the scavenger hunt and noticed that it was in lowercase, when we usually practice all uppercase when writing. When he drew his name in chalk at my inlaws, he added a dot to the top of his eye and said that is how they do it in kindergarten. It was adorable.

He couldn't find his glasses, so my old ones had to do. 

Walking up to school. 

Officially a kindergartener. 

The crew. 

Little morning pow wow before school starts. Pep talks or bug talk?

Berto walking him to his door. 

Luke saying goodbye!

I literally cannot believe school has already started. Wasn't it just the end of preschool?! He has come a long way since he cried every single time I dropped him off at preschool! Today he just waved bye to us and walked right in! 




I hope he has the best school year ever!! 

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