Thursday, July 30, 2015

Update: Front porch.

In the last month we were able to finally convince Richmond (our builder) to add railing to our front porch. In Colorado, the drop off code is 32.5 inches. Our drop was almost 36 inches. It was dangerous, especially with little kids. At first they were saying it was settling, but it wasn't, it had always been a huge drop off.

Here is the before and after:

Other than our flowers growing a lot, doesn't it look so much better? The whole porch now looks complete! 

Notice the two dead plants, we are also trying to get Richmond to replace those since all they have ever given us are dead plants. We might just bite the bullet and replace them ourselves, but I don't want to let them win, because I know that is what they are banking on. 

Flowers: Lowes
Wreath: Home made with supplies from Hobby Lobby
Front door sticker: Etsy
Gray flower pots: IKEA
Green flower pot: TJ Maxx
Rocking chairs: Craigs List
Pillows: Target and Lowes
Welcome bear: Gift
Table: Kohls
Lantern: TJ Maxx
Cotton ball sticks: The Barn (a local antique shop)

Thanks for reading! 

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