Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Master Bathroom Mood Board

I have slowly been working on our master bathroom since we have moved in but did not paint it until I was 9 month pregnant... I nest in weird ways. This is what it looked like when we moved in:

I am very happy that we chose to upgrade our tile because installing new tile was not fun at all in our last house. I also love how neutral this tile is and how well it looks with the green and blues in our master bedroom. It still looks a little "builder grade" so my goal is to turn it into more of an oasis, somewhere to relax and take a nice bath! 

We have added some towels, bath mats, and blinds. But it needs to be decorated to make it look more beautiful! I also need to organize the lower cabinets, because it is getting ridiculous! 

It is still very plain, but with a little color on the walls it should look much better! 

Also, here are some of the bathrooms I love on Pinterest. You can find them on this Pinterest board.

Hopefully I will have time to finish and photograph it this weekend! 

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