Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend

It has been so nice having Berto home for an extended weekend. It means I got more sleep, which I love. Who doesn't? We have been bouncing around from town to town all weekend, which was fun, but also defeated the purpose of having a relaxing weekend at home!

Thursday we headed to Boulder for some fun on Pearl Street and at the creek. If you haven't been to Boulder, Colorado - you have got to get there. It is full of street performers, fun restaurants, parks galore, hiking, and fun shops!

"I like big bows and I cannot lie"

Boulder Creek

Pearl Street

Then Friday night we headed up to Evergreen to hang out with my family and do fireworks up there! 

Then Saturday we went to our neighborhood festival at a park (biggest waste of time ever - but Aiden wanted to go) and then we had a fun BBQ with our neighbors! I didn't get a lot of photos of fireworks because I was busy covering Leila's ears so she wouldn't wake up! 

Last year Luke had so much fun with fireworks, this year he was TERRIFIED! 

Tomorrow I will be back to share all of Leila's newborn photographs taken by the lovely Taylor Meyer of Taylor Meyer Photography! 

I also am SLOWLY finishing up our master bathroom! I bought two new mirrors and need to get someone to take the giant one out! Hopefully I will have a post of this soon! 

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