Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Things I am loving: third baby.

Every time you have a baby, you figure out new things that work and new things to buy that are helpful. I thought I would share what I am loving right now for Leila. These are things I never used with Aiden or Luke, but probably could not live without with this little bean!

1. Boon drying rack. This is awesome. I am able to put all of my pump parts and bottles on this!
2. Medela bags and connectors. These little connectors allow you to pump right into the bag and avoid washing extra bottles when you just poor them into a bag anyway!
3. Butt Paste. We had always been a fan of Triple Paste, but at 40% zinc oxide, this stuff is MUCH better than Triple Paste (14% zinc oxide). 
4. Honest nipple balm. This stuff is pure magic. Although it is $14 for a tiny little container, it is SO worth the money.
5. Summer Infant Video Monitor. My mom and dad bought this for us this time around and has truly been awesome. After Leila got her clean bill of health, she was sleeping in her own room. I feel so much better being able to see her. Also, babies often cry in their sleep, and seeing her means I don't have to get up and disrupt her in her room when she is actually still asleep. 
6. Honest soothing bottom wash. If you haven't already gotten the idea, poor Leila has a raw booty from pooping so much. This stuff is supposed to help with the rinse and wipe!
7. Pampers Sensitive Diapers. Pretty self-explanatory. 
8. Cool Gear water bottle. When you are nursing, you are THIRSTY! These water bottles from Target keep your water cold for the majority of the day with their little ice cube thing!

I think that is all for now! 

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