Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Postpartum survival.

I thought I would throw together a list of things that are extremely useful for surviving the first six weeks after having a baby! I always make sure these are all stocked up in our home prior to going into labor so I have them and do not have to make any last minute trips (often late at night) to the store!

  • Post natal vitamins: It is helpful to continue to take your vitamins after having your baby. It will help with your hair (to not fall out) and with your milk supply
  • A big water bottle: You will be SO thirsty!
  • Lansinoh nursing cooler/warmer: this will help with engorgement or soreness
  • Lansinoh soothing pads: You can put these in the refrigerator and they are so so amazing!
  • Gas drops: These are for babe, they get gassy and it hurts them
  • Chamomile tea: It is calming for moms and we even gave Luke a tiny bit to calm him down when he was fussy (ask your doctor first though, I am not a doctor!)
  • Boppy: When the babies are so tiny, this helps prop them up for nursing!
  • Pads and Tucks: this will help mom heal faster
  • Olive oil: I SWEAR by this stuff for nursing moms, it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and you can put it on before and after nursing sessions to help with the pain and avoid mastitis
  • A breast pump: invest in a good one, I promise it is worth it
  • Lavender essential oil: diffuse in your house for help with sleep and calmness
Everything else I think the hospital will give you! Anything else I am forgetting? What did you all use that were considered your "life - savers?"

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