Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Aiden: Last day of Pre-K

I cannot believe how fast these last few years have flown by, and I am going to have a KINDERGARTENER next year! That just blows my mind!

August 2014

May 2015

I cannot believe how much he has grown in the past school year! He knows his ABCs (still working on naming and recognizing all of them by their formal "name"), all of his shapes (sometimes he forgets the name for rectangle, but can still recognize it), he can count to 20 (sometimes forgets 13), and can write his name and draw pictures that actually look like something! He loves coloring, playing with play-doh and clay, striped shirts, and to run, run, run (literally, he never stops)! 

And to show you how long it took me to get a normal picture of him….

The struggle is real, folks! 

We are excited to kick off summer break, if the weather ever cooperates! 

The timeline:
August 2013 (3 years old)

August 2014 (4 years old)

Happy Summer Break!

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