Friday, May 22, 2015

38 weeks.

I have officially made it further with this baby than with Luke! I can't believe how close we are to meeting this little girl!

38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks 
Total weight gain: 22 pounds (have not gained any weight in two weeks, but baby has!)
Baby is the size of a: Swiss chard
Maternity clothes: Yes
Stretch marks: Yes.. wah! I now have a skinny light pink one forming on my right side of my belly!
Sleep: Hit or miss. Mostly miss!
Best moment of this week: Seeing my little peanut on the ultrasound, again!
Movement: So so much!
Food cravings: Fruit and yogurt!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Just moving a lot. I have been trying to walk a lot hoping to jump start something, but the only thing that happens is contractions that haven't done anything (1 cm/50%)… and it makes me feel sick. 
Aches or pains: Back and gallbladder
Have you started to show yet: Yes 
Gender: GIRL!! 
Labor signs: I was actually in the hospital Wednesday evening because I had 7 hours of contractions 5 minutes apart. Apparently she is playing games because nothing came of it and I was sent home! 
Belly button in or out: Out
Wedding rings on or off: On
What are you dreaming about: More weird stuff! 

Carter's is also having a Memorial Day sale and I got a few cute things for the boys and the baby…

These cute rompers are only $5 each! I also picked out some cute outfits that I want the boys to wear for the newborn photos for baby LC! My lovely neighbor and friend will be taking their photos and I am SO excited to have them done! 

I think that is all for now! Hopefully my next update will be an introduction to LC! 

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