Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Small paint project: Numero Uno!

Awhile ago I posted on my Facebook page that we were working on two small paint projects, like really small. Two quarts small. This is the beginning story of the first one.


It was white and washed out. I love the look of black doors, but our house has VERY dark features (floors & cabinets) and I did not think black would go over very well in the general scheme of things….


Paint color: Elephant Skin by Behr in Satin

I still need to add some decoration to this area, but I am just not sure yet what I want to do. I think on the wall where there is a night light, I want to add some hooks for the boys to hang their school bags, lightweight jackets, dog leash, etc. 

We carried the navy blue from our family room into the entry way, which I really love. We also added blinds and a basket. My husband leaves for work REALLY early and constantly leaves his stuff laying around downstairs and the boys like to strip their clothes throughout the day. Now I have a basket there to put things that need to go upstairs in the evening, which makes the stairs look a lot less messy. 

Eventually these walls will have the same paint color as our family room, kitchen, and dining area. That requires hiring someone to do it because of how tall the ceilings are, and that just is not in the budget anytime soon! We will also replace the light fixture eventually, but I just have not found the perfect one yet! 

I am so fortunate that the model we built has SO many windows… There are 12 windows letting in natural light to our main floor alone - a MAJOR bonus! 

I also love the pattern of this rug from Target.

I made sure to get an indoor/outdoor rug this time because our last rug did not fare so well with the elements of weather in Colorado! 

Thats all for now! As soon as I get this area a little more decorated I will post an update!

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