Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Non-candy Easter basket ideas.

Now that the blog is up and running sort of smoothly again, I thought I would post something I can pin to Pinterest! Before I was used to buying things for Aiden, it was hard for me to come up with practical ideas for things like stockings and Easter baskets. Now that I know better, and I am a little bit smarter with money because of multiple children - I buy things they will need and things they love. I always usually throw something they have mentioned they want in there as well!

First, I always add a book and a movie. Books are pretty pricey, but they last awhile and kids LOVE them! Plus, everyone loves the smell of a new book!

Then, I always add a movie they are into at the moment. Both boys are loving Big Hero 6, so I am sure the Easter bunny will bring one of them this movie.

Second, they will both need a new swim suit for the summer, as well as some goggles - so why not throw it in the basket and act like it is a present - you will be buying it at one point anyway!

New underwear is always needed, and hopefully Luke will be potty trained within the next year, so he will need underwear at some point too. Aiden also just went up into little boy sizes, no more toddler sizes. WAH - stop growing child! 

Both boys have had a recent interest in Angry Birds, so they will probably get something along those lines as their "present" in the basket!

Also chalk and small animal creatures have always been a big deal in this house - we go through them SO quickly, and they are fun and keep both boys busy. Also, bath toys never get old!

This summer may be slightly different for the boys since we will have a newborn with us… that means less pool dates and more front yard play dates. Playing in the front yard is 1000 times easier than taking two kids to the pool anyway - because, they like to go places where they cannot survive without adult supervision. Plus, newborn naps are all over the place and I want to keep the baby out of the sun as much as possible for the first few months!

I also will be putting *some* candy in their baskets, because they are now old enough to love it, and who doesn't want some good candy in their Easter basket?!

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