Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pottery Barn Kids: How to Save Money

I am seriously a sucker for a good PBK sale. I am also a sucker for paying full price for things I love, but I am trying to get better about how I spend our money. I do not get too many things from Pottery Barn Kids, but there are some things that are not sold in the cuteness of quality of PBK. One of those things is the chamois sheets and crib sheets they make. You can buy Carter's brand and they are good, but they are not nearly as thick and well made as the PBK ones. Also, Carter's only makes the crib sheets, and PBK makes big kid bedding in the chamois fabric.

I thought I would throw together how I save money at PBK in order to get some cute things for much less than the full price!

1. Facebook. Follow their page on Facebook to keep up with the latest sales and one-day deals!

2. E-mail. Go to their page and sign up for the e-mail list. Typically, when you open in a new browser, a pop-up comes up to input your e-mail, and they send you 10% off within a day. Every month they usually have a day with 20% off any item, and often you will get a Free Shipping e-mail. Unfortunately the sale and Free shipping will not go together. They will accept printed out coupons from your e-mail in the store, if you have one close to you!

3. Wait. If you have fallen in love with an item from PBK, it will eventually go on sale. Monthly they have different items $100 off (cribs and rockers), or a white sale (bedding), or have a specific item that is on sale for that month.

4. Free Shipping. Always look for items that have free shipping. Diaper bags and stroller blankets (baby's favorite thing) always ship for free. The stroller blankets also make amazing baby shower gifts. The plain ones are $29.00 and $7.00 for personalization… every mama loves something with their baby's name on it.

5. Shop on big holiday sale days. Black Friday, New Years Day, and Memorial Day usually give out coupons. For example, this Black Friday they included a coupon until the end of January that is $10 off $50 or more at Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn, AND Pottery Barn Teen.

6. Shop in store. If you are looking for something big, like a crib or rocker, it is best to order and pick up in the store. You will avoid hefty shipping costs on things like furniture or kids anywhere chairs.

7. Ask an employee. Usually there is a shelf or area that is full of clearance items. It is usually in an inconspicuous place that may not be easily visible, so ask! Many times you can find bedding (especially queen) on super clearance. Every once in awhile you find something amazing and it is 50% of more off!

8. Floor models. Ask if they have anything available as a floor model to sell. Last year I bought Luke a Rocking Bear - and they sold me the floor model for 30% off. At first they offered me 20% off, then I asked for 30% seeing it was a little worn. All the lady needed was manager approval, and they gave it to me 30% off!

Happy shopping! 

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