Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More boyhood adventures.

Our life has been CRAZY busy the last few weeks. I do not think we had one free day in the month of September, and that is not an exaggeration! As of now, October is shaping up to be very similar. I don't even know where to start, but our weeks are filled with soccer practices, soccer games, school (for me and Aiden), play dates, and friends visiting from out of town.

My husband was in Washington DC for work all of last week and that is when I did our cute new wall in our dining area. He got home late Thursday night, and then Heather came into town without her boys so we were able to hang out and have some girl time. Saturday was more of the same. Sunday, my best childhood friend was in town for a wedding and is staying the beginning part of the week with us. This month has been a whirlwind, that is for sure!

The boys are both growing like weeds! I just bought Aiden new size four pants for the start of the school year and they are seriously already getting short. He is 43 inches already. He can just stop at any time! Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New wall.

The wall that has been in our little dining area has been different three times in less than a year. I never really liked how it looked and nothing seemed sufficient until I came across a Pin on Pinterest, and went to search on Craig's List to find something unique.

Here is how it has looked….

It just did not work. The clock looked great when there was nothing under it. Then, once I added the "buffet," it was too high and the decor on it was insufficient for the size of the wall. So once we moved to clock to over our fireplace (which I LOVE), we moved the yellow aspen painting there. But since we got rid of the yellow in the family room, it was out of place. So we have finally come to this….

I love how it looks. And, it only took THREE different looks to get it to be what I had wanted it to be! I am going to add some fall decor on here soon, but I just don't have enough yet to add! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

A simple & grey fall mantel.

Back with a small update on our fall decor! We have changed things quite a bit around here since last fall, and I am loving the new change! Not only did we paint the walls (BM Edgecomb Grey), we also did some rearranging!

Here was our mantel last year….

And here it is now…

We have since moved the yellow canvas to a wall in our kitchen, which will soon be replaced by a new project as soon as I can find what I want on Craig's List, which is proving to be harder than expected…The stool is also in the bathroom, and painted, so the boys can wash their hands. The lanterns now have flameless candles in them and they light up every evening and turn off after 5 hours, they are from Costco, and amazing! 

The pumpkins were a fun project. I got them at Hobby Lobby, they are originally a white-ish/yellow-ish color, and they big time clashed with everything in that room. So, I decided to paint them in some Annie Sloan French Linen paint I had left over and I love the way they turned out. The wheat is also from Hobby Lobby! 

What do you think? What do your fall mantels and home decor look like this year!! I am seriously loving this seasons fall stuff. Now, if the weather could just get cooler that would be great!! 

This little princess also wanted to hang out while I blogged! Love her! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our home office.

I am still on the hunt for curtains but I cannot find any 108" curtains, for a decent price, that I like. I am going to share our 'almost' finished home office.

I love the way this room transformed. It used to be what some people call a playroom. To me, it was always a 'constant mess' room and at times the boys wouldn't even play in there because it was SO messy. So, we decided to move the toys to the family room and mostly basement now that Luke can go up and down the stairs himself.

I love how everything turned out and love the addition of light blue and the lack of toys! 

Here is where most things are from:
Target: white vase, gold table, gold sand dollar, desk, tufted chairs, pen holder, gold notebook
Ikea: Shelving units, plant, plant holder, fake plants, lamp, organization boxes on shelves, wicker baskets, overhead light
Overstock: Rug
Hobby Lobby: fake pumpkins, gold feather, gold sun frame, "Do What You Love" frame, fake spray painted pumpkins
Home Goods: Gold and black journals, picture frames on shelves, white bowl, small vase, silver mirror
American Furniture Warehouse: Desk chair
Pier One Imports: Storage with baskets
Kohls: Pillows
West Elm: Grey Blanket
Kirklands: Burlap picture frame
Garage Sales: Buffet, globe