Monday, January 27, 2014

Seeing yellow.

As you all have seen in the past, we have a beautiful canvas of the Aspen trees over our mantel.

Because of this statement piece, I keep everything else pretty neutral. Neutral pillows, couches, furniture, etc. 

But since spring will be on its way before we know it, I have decided to carry some yellow throughout the downstairs area. I *might* even paint the inside of the front door yellow! Or maybe a close black with dark green undertones. EEK! I am not entirely sure about this yet... but I like how it brings color into the hallway which is ever so boring. 

I love yellow accents! They are so happy and I am ready for spring to show us its pretty face so I can get on with my yellow world! I am picking up a chair tomorrow night that I found on Craig's list for dirt cheap and I am going to reupholster it with my mom! It is going to be the perfect piece for the empty corner of our family room! 

I am still working on Aiden's room. With school that is requiring so much (yes, every weekend counseling sessions that are recorded - blah!) I am having a hard time getting the move on his room! I have looked over a few different pieces of art for his room that I need to print and head to IKEA to pick up some cheap plastic frames sans glass (perfect for a wild toddler!). I promise to get on that so I can show you the final project! 

A few cute pieces of art that I love...

Okay, I think I am done on my bird walk... enjoy your week everyone! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Favorite Pinterest pages to follow.

In light of Pinterest's newest update, which I H.A.T.E. by the way, I thought I would share some of my favorite boards that I always look forward to seeing!

1. Better Homes & Gardens. They have a wide variety of different boards, but every single board is awesome. And one of my favorite boards, that I plan on using a lot this year is the Smart Storage Solutions board as I go through my YEAR OF ORGANIZATION!

2. HGTV. This magazine is amazing, and so are their boards! All of the boards have the best inspiration and I love how fresh they are. I also like how often they post, and if you are not subscriber to their magazine, you get a lot of sneak peaks and previews of what is printed. My favorite board they have is their Designer Rooms from HGTV

3. Country Girl Home.  I feel like I love her style. She pins a lot of the things that I love, and I love seeing what she pins! 

4. Dear Lillie. This blog is seriously amazing. Her decorating and chalkboard prints are to die for, I love it all! Please, check her blog and Pinterest page out! 

5. Richmond American Homes. This is the builder of our home, so we love checking out their most recent decorating creations, especially if it is our model! (win win!) They have houses, floor plans, and different model photos. 

6. IKEA. They pretty much have great house stuff at a great price. Yes, it might be awful to put together, but you can't beat the convenience of having everything, as well as not spending too much. One of my favorite boards is their Fan Favorite Board. 

7. Country Living Magazine. Again, I live near the mountains, but I am not really a fan of the "mountain" style, but I LOVE the country style. Bring on twine, beadboard, and white lilies. I love it all! If this is your style, follow this board!

There are so many other pages I love, but it would take forever to post them all! But head on over to my Pinterest page and follow me! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Wishful spring thinking.

After I took my Christmas decor down the bare naked depression set in! I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my family room in the corner where the Christmas tree was, and what I want to do with our mantel.

When we moved in the mantel looked like this

And our family room was decorated for Christmas like this

And now I need to find a cute chair to put in the corner where the Christmas tree was. Some of the chairs I like are

And because of the recent amazing weather in Denver, I found some adorable spring inspiration photos to lighten up my life house! 

I am so excited to start decorating for the spring! It probably won't happen for a few months, but either way, I am starting to cherry pick at TJ Maxx for some cute things! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Break: To do list... where are we now!

At the beginning of Christmas break I documented a bunch of home tasks I wanted to accomplish by the end of break and I think we have done a great job!

Our list:
  • Reinforce the curtain rod over our 96" wide window. It is getting a little saggy and doesn't look so good!

  • Install board and batten in Luke's nursery, paint, and decorate his room. The inspiration came from the new Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. 

  • Paint Aiden's room. He keeps asking me when I am going to paint his room. I got this idea from Pinterest, so I am going to go with it to match his room theme. 

    And remember this post about his bedding..... stay tuned for the blog post with the whole room decorated and details about paint colors and stuff! 

  • Organize our closet. It is a nightmare. Enough said. 

    This is far from where I want it to be, but it is much better than the pit it was before! 

  • Organize our landry room to make it more functional for 'right now'. We have pretty big plans for this room, including bead board ceiling's, a fun color and maybe even a chandelier!.... but for now, it still has boxes, I am ashamed! 

    Well, that is all! We completed everything we wanted to for the six weeks I had off. Now back to the grind of real life starting Tuesday. :( But we have more things to come! :) Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The skeletons in our closet!

Everyone has those areas in their house that are left messy because they are hidden. I am guilty of that too, and I want to make my life easier by organizing those areas so I am not scrambling and things falling every time I go to grab things. I decided to start a 12 months of ORGANIZATION idea. I will be documenting each month a different area that has been hidden disastrous. In my house there are a lot of those areas, and you will see shortly!

Here are my month to month "to-do" lists in order to declare 2014 "The Year of Organization!" It will also help me de-clutter because we have collected so much stuff in our 9 (NINE!) years of being together!

1. February - under the kitchen sink.

2. March - linen closet.

3. April - pantry.

4. May - coat closet.

5. June - Separate things in basement for garage sale.
(The back side is the work out room - it is actually put together - not like this hot mess!)

6. July - master bathroom under sink.

7. August - under the boys' bathroom sink.

8. September - guest room closet.

9. October - craft area.

10. November - Organize basement bins.

11. December - Aiden's closet.

This is going to be half closet, half fort. I have see some cute things on Pinterest about making the closet into a reading nook, and I am going to do that for Aiden. He has 10 gazillion books (even though he only ever wants to read his baby book!)... He needs a cozy place to read them.

12. January - Luke's closet.

After this past move, and being in grad school full time, I had NO time to organize anything. It makes me cringe looking at these and I am somewhat surprised I had the guts to post this. But everyone has secrets in closets.... if you don't believe that OCD people can have stashes in closets - just check this out!