Sunday, December 21, 2014

LC's room mood board.

I think with every pregnancy, I dream about what the rooms would look like. Whether it be a little boy or little girl, I always want it to be special to them. When we had Aiden we lived in a Condo, and his room also shared with a guest room, so it wasn't anything too special. Then when we had Luke, we knew we wanted to move soon because of our God awful trashy neighbor. So, his was kind of just thrown together in order to sell. Then when we moved into the house we built, we knew we wanted the boys rooms long lasting, and we had one extra room which would hopefully (and will be) be our third child's room.

Luke's nursery:

Aiden's room: 

And here is baby LC's room:

What is crazy about this photo, there are so many new builds that the street shown is full of houses now! 

Yesterday I went to Lowes to get paint after trying out samples, and got the only color I liked, and it is PERFECT. 

Wild Aster by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell (matched to Valspar)

I am so excited about the way the paint turned out. Also, I got the cheapest Valspar paint and a roller made for extra rough texture. For some reason on our walls the more expensive the Valspar paint, the more work it takes because it absorbs more. When we go with the cheapest one (ultra), I only need to do one coat. 

And here is the mood board for her room. I am going for classic regal with touches of floral. 

I already have the blanket from Dwell Studio and the floral prints from Rifle Paper Co. Even before we truly knew it was a girl, I bought the Pottery Barn bunny because I just had a feeling that she was a she. I got it on Black Friday and it was 20% off! 

I also bought a dresser and crib from garage sale sites. The dresser was $20 and perfect, and the crib was $10! The crib will only be used for a little while because once Luke is out of his I will move his nice one into her room. I need to refinish both of them - but they should look good when they are done! I bought crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby for her dresser and the top drawers are pink crystal knobs and the bottom four drawers are going to have clear crystal pulls. 

I also started some closet organization. I stole this IKEA organizer from Aiden's closet because he likes to climb on it and jump off of it - so I took it out really fast. Knowing him it is only a matter of time until he breaks his arm or face! 

Land of Nod Stripes Around the Cube

So far these have baby lotions, sample formula, blankets, and baby toys. I am sure this will change as she grows. I also need to buy some bins from Target for the top of the closet, which is currently housing a bunch of crap. Yesterday Berto bought some cute pink and white hangers for her closet so I can hang all of the clothes that my sister-in-law gave us! 

Vent of the moment: Land of Nod no longer sells bumpers. I know they are "unsafe" but both of my boys refused to sleep without them because they move so much and bump their head and would wake up crying. They always had the CUTEST ones. I did find one at Pottery Barn Kids, but it is a little more than I wanted to pay. Maybe I will get a birthday coupon in the mail from them and I can splurge! 

I think that is it for now - I will keep updates on here as I go! Oh, I also may attempt painting a fabric chair in chalk paint, because apparently it can be done - but I am skeptical! 

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