Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last years room by room list: What we did and did not accomplish.

I thought I would go back over our last years monthly room list and go over what we finished and what we did not get a chance to get to! You can read that entire post here

1. November. Since the holidays are coming, we are starting small. Our first project is going to be our powder room on the main floor. I like the vintage look of this bathroom and the breadboard. We may actually do stripes in ours, but I like this as well! 


2. December. Also with the holidays this month, I want to take it easy on home costs. I also think Aiden will be the happiest having his room finished and ready. Since I have the bedding and the dresser (even though I will be redoing it) I will probably aim to finish Aiden's room in December. 

This room was DONE… but now the queen bed has moved in there and there is no headboard and girly sheets… so it needs some updating! 

3. January. Although we will have the couches and many of the other things for our family room, I may try to tie the look up with a big rug or something this month. Here is one of my favorite family rooms. 


4. February. I think we may have our tax return in around this time. Hopefully. Those are going to get a little tricky this year because we lived in our previous house less than two years. Thanks, nasty neighbors, for guiding us to our dream house! This month I want to work on our master bedroom

These are the three photos I have instagramed from our master bedroom. It is done… except for one or two things… hopefully I will get to posting pictures soon.

5. MarchLuke's room may get painted sooner than March, but I hope to have the whole thing done in March.

DONE! It will probably be turning into a big boy room in the next year! So crazy how fast these babies keep growing!

6. April. I have a shower curtain from Land of Nod that I absolutely adore. It is going to stay with us at our new house and I am going to revolve the decorating around that curtain. The boys' bathroom is going to be fishy, fishy!

DONE! And I do not see this changing any time soon!

7. May. Since spring will be coming, and we will be getting our sod around this month, I only thought it would be fitting to do our spring porch this month. 


8. June. Since it will be starting to heat up outside, and you all know how much I love the heat,  I will be working on the boys' playroom

DONE - ish. It is an office now because the boys would not keep it clean!

9. July. Our master bathroom is gorgeous without anything. But it will need a little color. And, some other more pretty stuff.

We have done nothing in here :(

10. August. There are so many adorable laundry rooms on Pinterest these days. I love this simple design. 

We are currently working on it!

11. September. I am not quite sure what I want to do with our backyard yet, but I do know that I want to plant some trees to gain some privacy. I am sure we will plant them strategically to block out windows over time. 

We have planted two pine trees in our back yard, that is about it! We did plant them in the places where it will end up blocking our two windows on each side of our fire place, so down the road we have some more privacy from that side of the house! 

12. October. We do not really have guests all that often but when we do it will be nice to have a little get away. I think the guest room should be this type of place. 

This is going to be baby LC's room!

I kind of fell off the wagon the end of the year. I started school again in August, and I had my HUGE comprehensive exam this semester, so my weekends were dedicated to drinking with neighbors and studying. Often times those two clashed. But, I passed that awful test, so I will have more time to be doing house stuff around the house. First things first, baby LC's room and finishing the laundry room! 

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