Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It is one hot Fall.

Well, it is no surprise that it was a hot day in October, and that we were once again dressed too warm for the weather. But nonetheless, we went to an adorable little pumpkin patch. Last year, we went to the Botanic Gardens which is wonderful and has a ton of pumpkins, but the line to get in is long, you have to park for away, and it seems like every person in south Denver is there.

Aiden's best friend's momma found an awesome little mom and pop pumpkin patch that was PERFECT for little kids. It has little kids toys, tons of good pumpkins, goats, magic shows, and a small food stand. It was also free to get in as long as you purchased a pumpkin, which was a good deal!

Aiden was loving spending time with his best bud, and they were being wild little boys together. They pretty much took over a plastic fire house and tried to claim it as their own and did not let anyone else in.

Luke found it much more fascinating to find the random dogs running around and try to pet them. The kid loves animals, all of them. He even found the goats when they were trying to put them down by a creek and ended up convincing a goat to hang out with him for a little bit. By the way, goats are super cute, I never realized how adorable they actually are!

This is the face he does when we same "big smile…" I think he interprets that as "look demonic!" 

If I could get them both to look at the camera and smile at the same time, it would be a Christmas miracle!! 

I hope everyone has a very happy fall and lots of fun trick-or-treater's! 

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