Thursday, September 25, 2014

New wall.

The wall that has been in our little dining area has been different three times in less than a year. I never really liked how it looked and nothing seemed sufficient until I came across a Pin on Pinterest, and went to search on Craig's List to find something unique.

Here is how it has looked….

It just did not work. The clock looked great when there was nothing under it. Then, once I added the "buffet," it was too high and the decor on it was insufficient for the size of the wall. So once we moved to clock to over our fireplace (which I LOVE), we moved the yellow aspen painting there. But since we got rid of the yellow in the family room, it was out of place. So we have finally come to this….

I love how it looks. And, it only took THREE different looks to get it to be what I had wanted it to be! I am going to add some fall decor on here soon, but I just don't have enough yet to add! 

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