Friday, September 19, 2014

A simple & grey fall mantel.

Back with a small update on our fall decor! We have changed things quite a bit around here since last fall, and I am loving the new change! Not only did we paint the walls (BM Edgecomb Grey), we also did some rearranging!

Here was our mantel last year….

And here it is now…

We have since moved the yellow canvas to a wall in our kitchen, which will soon be replaced by a new project as soon as I can find what I want on Craig's List, which is proving to be harder than expected…The stool is also in the bathroom, and painted, so the boys can wash their hands. The lanterns now have flameless candles in them and they light up every evening and turn off after 5 hours, they are from Costco, and amazing! 

The pumpkins were a fun project. I got them at Hobby Lobby, they are originally a white-ish/yellow-ish color, and they big time clashed with everything in that room. So, I decided to paint them in some Annie Sloan French Linen paint I had left over and I love the way they turned out. The wheat is also from Hobby Lobby! 

What do you think? What do your fall mantels and home decor look like this year!! I am seriously loving this seasons fall stuff. Now, if the weather could just get cooler that would be great!! 

This little princess also wanted to hang out while I blogged! Love her! 

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