Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Laundry room mock chalkboard print.

I seriously love this quote. One of the reasons I am doing my laundry room so girly is because I am surrounded by messy, tough, dirty boys. Since I am the only one that does laundry (except for the occasional load my husband does), this can be my space. I even bought crystal door knobs! This saying is so important to how I need to be thinking because some days I am just dying for my boys to grow up. I want them to stop hitting, stop yelling, stop peeing in their pants, and doing all the other dirty things little boys do. But I know I need to cherish these times when they are so little and need me. I am sure, before I know it, they will want me out of their circle and I will be so sad when that day comes. So, for right now I suppose I will rejoice in being their favorite!


  • 5.0 mm Panel from Home Depot (made for drawer bottoms) 11 x 14
  • Large picture hanger
  • Black chalk paint (Annie Sloan Graphite)
  • White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Tiny paint brush
  • Printer
  • Scotch Tape
  • Painters Tape
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Sharpie Paint Pen

I bought a board from Home Depot for $5.98 and had them cut it to my size (11 x 14), which they do for free! When I got home I sanded the rough edges and put a trash bag on my counter to protect it. I would normally do these things in the garage, but with the boys being awake, I needed them contained within the confines of my house so they aren't running in the street or fighting over some ridiculous outdoor toy. 

I also chose the side with the least amount of knots because that can prevent straight lines when tracing over the "stencil." I painted the board in two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite. I also used an Annie Sloan brush. They just come off smoother and leave less stroke marks. I did not use wax on this project because I wanted the chalkboard style look. I also only bought a sample of this color, but after seeing it in person I wish I would have bought the entire quart because it is a beautiful color! 

Next, I printed out the print that I threw together in Photoshop and since I do not have a printer that can print 11 x 14, I had to puzzle the pieces together to create an 11 x 14. This was annoying, I would recommend getting one printed at Kinkos, Office Depot, or Staples or somewhere like that. 

Here is my version of the saying that you can use if you would like. If you have any problems getting to it, comment with you e-mail and I can send you a bigger copy. 

Once everything was pieced together, I used painters tape to center the saying on the board and make sure everything was level and stayed in place. 

Next, I used my ballpoint pen to trace over the letters, and you have to push hard, and it kind of hurts your hand, but then you get a great stencil on your painted board. 

Then I used my smaller brush and painted in the lines. This takes a little bit, but it is worth it to get the chalk board look. Next, after I let the paint dry, I took my Sharpie White Paint marker to touch up the lines. Once the paint marker dries, I will put on the backer. Be careful when doing this because it could split your board. Gentle hammers! 

Here is the finished product!

It is not perfect, like most of my projects, but it will be perfect for our laundry room. I can't wait to show you what it looks like in the finished room! 

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