Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday favorites.

As I slowly work on the kitchen, I think browsing Pinterest for some fun finds will help me make it through the misery.

Cabinet hardware went in great, looks wonderful and I cannot wait to share the results with you all. When my dad went to go install the new pendant lights, we found there is NO electricity to our pre-wired spots. Um, okay. Call goes into Richmond, and conveniently enough the lady who needs to help us is on vacation. Call Delmark Electric and they cannot help because Richmond needs to place a work order. Oh, the hoops we have to jump through for a new build. So, I am stuck in the middle until our lovely representative gets back from vacation. At least we did this before our year warranty was gone.

So here are some pretty farmhouse finds that I love! 

I love this style of home. One day, when I have the money, I am going to be an old southern home and live there in the summers and renovate it like crazy. For now, I will live in my "mountain" house, okay - suburbs of Denver house, and dream. I love all of the neutral tones and how they are used together to create something that looks historic and beautiful. 

What are your favorite looks right now?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Some fun kitchen updates coming soon.

Words can not describe how much I love our kitchen. I still think about having white cabinets all the time, but it was a fun change since we had white in our last house. And, I guess since my husband bought the house, he should get the say in at least one aspect! 

This is what our kitchen looked like at Christmas time:

Since then we have painted, added a new light fixture, and added a poster from Dear Lillie near our window. We also have added touches of yellow for spring. 

In the next week or so, my dad is coming over to help me add some pendant lights and cabinet hardware. Here are the things I am thinking of for these....

For the cabinets (but vertical)

What do you think? Any favorites or ones you hate?

I also got this fabric for making a faux roman shade in our kitchen. I bought the wrong size tension rods so I need to get new ones this week sometime. Similar to this...

Our chairs are also 7 years old, and after two kids they are kind of falling apart. I really want new fun chairs for our island. I love the way chairs with a back look against counters. All of these pictures can be found on this Pinterest board. 

I think I am done rambling about the new additions to our kitchen. If you made it though this post, go you! :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Transformer Party.

This year Aiden decided he wanted Transformers to be the theme of his birthday. As much as it would be nice to have cute polka dots or something like underwater fish themes, I think it is time for me to mentally move on to the fact that he is four and has an opinion of his own (and a strong one I might add)!

I am so thankful that my inlaws let us have the party at their house so we could fit out bouncy house for the kids to play in. Our backyard is somewhat of a hill, so it wouldn't work!

And sometimes it is tough being a little brother! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aiden's fourth birthday.

This little man has challenged me daily. And, I am so thankful for that. He has taught me to be patient, loving, open to change, and most of all how to be a mom.

This is him the day after he was born. He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces, which was the same as my father when he was born. He had big, chocolate eyes right from day one. He chirped a lot and cried even more. Even today, we joke that his colic has never really went away.

As we learn more about him, we are learning how spirited he really is. He can be ecstatically happy one moment, and in a full blown fit the next. When he is really happy he is REALLY happy. When he is sad, mad, or angry, he is that to the fullest extent. We like to say he lives life passionately. 

This year, like last year, I did his birthday interview questions. Here they are:

1.     What is your favorite color? Blue and green.
2.     What is your favorite toy? Ninja Turtles and Transformers.
3.     What is your favorite fruit? Grapes.
4.     What is your favorite TV Show? Ninja Turtles.
5.     What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Chicken nuggets.
6.     What is your favorite outfit? My Ninja Turtle shirts.
7.     What is your favorite game? Playing hide-n-seek.
8.     What is your favorite snack? Cheese bits (Cheese-itz).
9.     What is your favorite animal? Beanie (Chocolate Lab).
10. What is your favorite song? Transformers.
11. What is your favorite book? Fire Fuego Bomberos.
12. Who is your best friend? Jimmy and Lola.
13. What is your favorite cereal? Lucky Charms.
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play with my new scooter.
15. What is your favorite drink? Lemonade.
16. What is your favorite holiday? Easter and Christmas.
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Tranformers, but put on the dresser so they "don't freak me out!"
18. What do you like to eat for breakfast? French toast and the other toast.
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Cake.
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Transformer Octimus Prime.

I also made a video montage of my favorite videos and images from his fourth year of life!
You can see it here

He has some crazy hair, as you can probably tell. 
He speaks English and Spanish fluently. 
He is very possessive of his toys, and we are working on sharing. 
He wears size 12 shoes.
He is still in 2T shorts, size 4 pants (for the length), and size 4 shirts. 
This year he went to Disney for the first time and loved it!
He is approximately 42" tall... I think! 
He played soccer for the first time this spring.  

I cannot believe how much he has changed over these last four years. What a blessing he is. 

As soon as I am finished with his yearly book I will post the photos!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our new entryway.

We had a little grey table in here before, which I loved, but I wanted something more substantial with more drawers and I was at Kirkland's and found the PERFECT table! It matches everything in our house wonderfully. The most recent lady to buy my grey table broke it when putting it in her trunk, and now I have to go to Home Depot to get a new bolt to fix it... so it is still for sale if anyone wants it! :)

And here it is now!

I just love the way it looks in our hall way! And, we needed some light for the evenings in there and this light is perfect because it is not too bright. 

Table: Kirkland's
Light and lampshade: World Market
Vase: TJ Maxx
Bird: Pottery Barn
Books: Goodwill
Botanical frame and print: Design Home Sale
Moss ball: Hobby Lobby
Mirror: Kohls
Baskets: TJ Maxx
Sticks and Flowers in vase: Hobby Lobby

I am not sure what I will use the baskets on the bottom for yet, but I am thinking little shoes! Our gloves and scarves, as well as sunscreen are in there drawers above! I am in love with the way this piece works in our house! 

Next week we might be painting our Master Bedroom so hopefully in the coming weeks I will have that to share with you all! :) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Last day of three-year-old preschool.

I need to start off by saying how proud I am of Aiden and his wonderful journey he has accomplished this year. We started at one school knowing we would transfer to another mid-way through the year because of our new house.

When he first started he cried so hard every day for three months. Every. Single. Day I had to leave him fighting the teachers and balling his eyes out. His teacher said it was a product of me being a stay-at-home mom... I say peesh posh to that, I am just that awesome much of a wonderful mother! Or, I like to at least think that way!

Here is little man when he started

This year he has:
Learned how to spell his name
Learned to write his name
Can count to 10 in Spanish all alone
Can count to 20 in English all alone
Summarize and tell me what happened in a story (with his own crazy additions!)
Put on his own shoes
Dress himself in the morning
No more poo poo at night
Made 14 new friends
Moved to a new city
Learned not to cry when I leave him at school
Played soccer for the first time
Grown from a size 3T to a 4
grown into a size 12 shoe (!) 
learned to clean his room

I would say he has quite the list of accomplishments so far! He also loves his new school and teachers so much more. He talks about them all the time and I am excited he will have them all next year too. 

.... And then he broke out in a glorious 'start of summer' song! Just kidding, it was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...."