Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stairway decor.

I have been trying to find something I love that can help add some color and 'wall eye-candy' to our wall near our stairs. Right now it is completely blank, and boring. I thought I would go on a Pinterest hunt to find some ideas for the stairs!

(sorry - they are blurry!)

I love that light! I think it would fit in perfect in our tall entry way.... I am also thinking three very large botanical prints for our entry way. I think they can bring in so much color, and I would make the frames myself because poster size frames are incredibly expensive. Some of the botanical prints I like are...

I would try to find some matching green tones. I like how the yellow print ties the family room and kitchen accent color into the hallway. 

I should be back to post photos of the finished boys bathroom tomorrow of Friday evening! 

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