Thursday, March 6, 2014

Curtain call.

Curtains are such an amazing statement piece in a house. They can make it, or break it. Depending on what look you are going for, there are so many different varieties, as well as different curtain rods! We chose to go with the same rods throughout our entire house, and they are made by Martha Stewart from Home Depot. I love them and think they really match the overall feel of our house. For now, we are just using white curtains, but I am sure as our rooms evolve, the curtains will change as well!

And then there is the "rule of thumb" for curtain hanging. I did not follow it in our downstairs because we have nine foot ceilings, and I was not about to spend a couple hundred or more on curtains that will change in a few years... but here it is:

And here are the different styles showing how the bottom length can vary. On hardwoods, I like to keep the curtains about 1/2 inch above the floor for easy mopping and cleaning! 

And then, if you cannot find curtains in the perfect color, you can easily make your own! Recently, Young House Love did this for their new little bundle of joy! They look amazing!

And then there are some other amazing curtains that I found on Pinterest!

And my current dilemma is trying to figure out what to do with the random spot in our kitchen....

That window is HUGE. And I don't want to put the same blinds I have in the rest of our house because they won't match well enough with our cabinets. You can also see in our kitchen when walking up the hill to the left of our house, so I need something there! So... I am thinking of a new fun project that I will share with you when it is finished!

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