Sunday, February 2, 2014

Aiden & Luke's bathroom plan.

One of the many nice things about having two boys is that I never have to find gender neutral shared spaces. Our house is ALL boy! Blues, oranges, content cleaning of pee on toilets... 100% boy.

I have had a love for bead board since we moved into our last house and had it in our kitchen, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our new house somehow. I debated between our water closet in our bathroom, or in the boys bathroom. Ultimately my husband told me he wanted it to be something we can "show off" and not too many guests will be using our water closet.

You might remember that we have a shower curtain from Land of Nod that is amazing. It is discontinued now, but I am sure there are other sights, maybe even eBay that might have it. In our last house we put it up about a month before we moved. Everything was thrown together so quickly before we listed it, we didn't have a chance to decorate the room to match very well.

We are already thrown off our monthly room schedule because I realize it costs a lot more per room than I had dreamed. So... scratch that list a little bit. I threw together a mood board for the boys bathroom to give you an idea of what we will be doing in here.

The paint color I am probably going to use is the same one I used in Luke's bedroom, it is called Winter in Paris by Valspar. I am going to do beadboard to about six feet high and top it with chair rail. I also want to get the leaning shelf from Target to go in between the counter and the toilet. I plan on replacing the light fixture to use the same one we used in our downstairs bathroom, they are inexpensive and look much nicer than the "boob" lights. I also have some really fun photos of the boys in the bath that I plan on incorporating into the design of this bathroom. The towels are from Kohl's and the beadboard is from Lowes. 

I also want to use white towels as well. From a friend who is in real estate, she told me to ALWAYS use white towels in the bathroom. Hotels do it because it looks fresh and clean, exactly how you want the bathroom to look too. I debated between a white leaning shelf and the color that matches our cabinets, and because the beadboard is white, I decided to go with the dark wood. I never would have pictured using this leaning shelf until I saw it in the model home.

So, that is our plan. We are going to begin Valentine's Day weekend - since it is the first non-class dedicated weekend since I started the semester! I can't wait to get started and share our progress with you! And I promise I am still working on Aiden's room! We have a few more things to do before we can call it done - but I promise as soon as it is done I will post about it! 

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