Sunday, February 23, 2014

A few things to blog about.

The weather has been really nice here in Colorado so I haven't been staying inside enough to actually accomplish some real decorating. I just have a tiny bit of more accessories to add to Aiden's room before I post photos. I have a peg board in there that needs to be decorated and garnished! :)

I also have been working on homework like a mad lady because I have my fun weekend of 14 hours of class between Friday night and Saturday. Boo.

Anyway I thought I would share some thoughts with you about what has been going on!

1. I got a new lens for my birthday (thanks husband!) and I am LOVING the way the photos come out. Here are a few photos from the park last week.

2. I am basically obsessed with this light. Like, I want need it so badly! How perfect would it look in our dining room?!

3. We found some AMAZING chairs when we were getting our new buffet. I spent a few hours last weekend sanding them down and painting them in bright white exterior paint for our porch. Last year I posted about what I wanted our porch to look like. I thought these were the perfect addition!

4. If you are in the mood for something to watch, you have got to rent the movie Captain Phillips. It is a great story and the movie was excellent! 

5. I also recently helped Aiden's best friend's momma redo a room in their house. It was a BRIGHT pink room, with a wall paper border around the top and wall paper under the chair rail. We re-wallpaper it with bead board wallpaper and painted the top brown. Jimmy seems to be liking his room slightly more than his other room, which he was afraid of (vent under curtains - scary for a little guy!) I threw together this inspiration board for his new room and thought I would share it!

6. I also started shopping for more yellow things for spring and I am excited to share how amazing the yellow looks with the dark wood in our kitchen! Bright yellow is so happy and I am happy to be able to see this color every day when I walk downstairs, especially after changing a poopy diaper right after I wake up :/! 

7. I also made Aiden's Valentine's Day stuff this year instead of doing candy. I found the printable on Pinterest and just printed it and put together this easy little thing! My awesome neighbor let me borrow her mom's flower punch!

8. We also just purchased this clock from Z Gallerie on President's Day for a great deal! I LOVE it!

That is all for now! I promise to be posting Aiden's room soon! I love it so much, I just sit in there staring at it sometimes... I hope you all love it too! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aiden's room design ideas.

Aiden's room is ever changing. I am nearing the end of decorating it and can't wait to share with you what we have come up with! Every day that goes by I get a new idea, and that is why it is taking so long. His normal curtains are just white, but I think I am going to add stripes to them to compliment the wall that is directly across from the window.

The space we are working with

I also still have to paint his headboard that I got for free (!) from a neighborhood site! I thought I would share the completed mood board for his room so you can see where the ideas stemmed from and then I hope to share his completed room by next weekend!

The paint colors are Wet Cement and Pool Party by Valspar. The bedding is from Land of Nod. The dark dresser is from Babies R Us. The white shelving unit is an Ikea Expedit unit. Stop by in the next two weeks to see the finished project and a more detailed list of accessories! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some new things around the house.

I have been lagging in the blog world as of recently. I have been overwhelmed with recording sessions for school as well as in class time, and then to top it off I got a nasty flu. It has been one hell of a week!

It is going to be GORGEOUS this weekend, like 65*, so I plan on doing some fun house projects as well as spending lots of time outside with the boys! Plus, it is Valentine's Day, so fun! I have had time to do a little shopping and a little re-doing! I also found an amazing paint color pallet from Better Homes and Gardens that I thought I would share with you all!

And although I haven't been decorating much, I plan to get back on the horse this weekend! Starting with this bad boy (which I shared this past weekend on my Facebook Page)!

This is a buffet I got on Craig's List for $75, it is solid wood and reeked of cigarettes (nasty!).... So I went to town with Krud Kutter and painted it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Country Grey with a dark patina wax finish! I spray painted the hardware in oil rubbed bronze to make them pop! 

This chair is actually a set of two, that I got for a steal of $50 for both! It DESPERATELY needs to be cleaned, so as soon as I have Stanley Steemer come out here, I will have them clean it for me! But I love the way it completes our Master bedroom!

I also got this headboard in during January. It is from Pier One Imports and I LOVE it! 

These amazing driftwood flowers are in our hallway downstairs that leads to the powder room. I am sort of obsessed with them! They are from TJ Maxx.

I also added pottery from Pottery Barn, fake flowers from Hobby Lobby, a basket from TJ Maxx and logs from Amazon (decorative birch logs) to our fireplace. 

And lastly, I got these pillows for pops of color in hopes that spring comes more quickly! 

Sorry to be short but I have two grumpy children that NEED to go down for a nap before they I go crazy!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Aiden & Luke's bathroom plan.

One of the many nice things about having two boys is that I never have to find gender neutral shared spaces. Our house is ALL boy! Blues, oranges, content cleaning of pee on toilets... 100% boy.

I have had a love for bead board since we moved into our last house and had it in our kitchen, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our new house somehow. I debated between our water closet in our bathroom, or in the boys bathroom. Ultimately my husband told me he wanted it to be something we can "show off" and not too many guests will be using our water closet.

You might remember that we have a shower curtain from Land of Nod that is amazing. It is discontinued now, but I am sure there are other sights, maybe even eBay that might have it. In our last house we put it up about a month before we moved. Everything was thrown together so quickly before we listed it, we didn't have a chance to decorate the room to match very well.

We are already thrown off our monthly room schedule because I realize it costs a lot more per room than I had dreamed. So... scratch that list a little bit. I threw together a mood board for the boys bathroom to give you an idea of what we will be doing in here.

The paint color I am probably going to use is the same one I used in Luke's bedroom, it is called Winter in Paris by Valspar. I am going to do beadboard to about six feet high and top it with chair rail. I also want to get the leaning shelf from Target to go in between the counter and the toilet. I plan on replacing the light fixture to use the same one we used in our downstairs bathroom, they are inexpensive and look much nicer than the "boob" lights. I also have some really fun photos of the boys in the bath that I plan on incorporating into the design of this bathroom. The towels are from Kohl's and the beadboard is from Lowes. 

I also want to use white towels as well. From a friend who is in real estate, she told me to ALWAYS use white towels in the bathroom. Hotels do it because it looks fresh and clean, exactly how you want the bathroom to look too. I debated between a white leaning shelf and the color that matches our cabinets, and because the beadboard is white, I decided to go with the dark wood. I never would have pictured using this leaning shelf until I saw it in the model home.

So, that is our plan. We are going to begin Valentine's Day weekend - since it is the first non-class dedicated weekend since I started the semester! I can't wait to get started and share our progress with you! And I promise I am still working on Aiden's room! We have a few more things to do before we can call it done - but I promise as soon as it is done I will post about it!