Saturday, January 11, 2014

The skeletons in our closet!

Everyone has those areas in their house that are left messy because they are hidden. I am guilty of that too, and I want to make my life easier by organizing those areas so I am not scrambling and things falling every time I go to grab things. I decided to start a 12 months of ORGANIZATION idea. I will be documenting each month a different area that has been hidden disastrous. In my house there are a lot of those areas, and you will see shortly!

Here are my month to month "to-do" lists in order to declare 2014 "The Year of Organization!" It will also help me de-clutter because we have collected so much stuff in our 9 (NINE!) years of being together!

1. February - under the kitchen sink.

2. March - linen closet.

3. April - pantry.

4. May - coat closet.

5. June - Separate things in basement for garage sale.
(The back side is the work out room - it is actually put together - not like this hot mess!)

6. July - master bathroom under sink.

7. August - under the boys' bathroom sink.

8. September - guest room closet.

9. October - craft area.

10. November - Organize basement bins.

11. December - Aiden's closet.

This is going to be half closet, half fort. I have see some cute things on Pinterest about making the closet into a reading nook, and I am going to do that for Aiden. He has 10 gazillion books (even though he only ever wants to read his baby book!)... He needs a cozy place to read them.

12. January - Luke's closet.

After this past move, and being in grad school full time, I had NO time to organize anything. It makes me cringe looking at these and I am somewhat surprised I had the guts to post this. But everyone has secrets in closets.... if you don't believe that OCD people can have stashes in closets - just check this out! 

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