Monday, January 27, 2014

Seeing yellow.

As you all have seen in the past, we have a beautiful canvas of the Aspen trees over our mantel.

Because of this statement piece, I keep everything else pretty neutral. Neutral pillows, couches, furniture, etc. 

But since spring will be on its way before we know it, I have decided to carry some yellow throughout the downstairs area. I *might* even paint the inside of the front door yellow! Or maybe a close black with dark green undertones. EEK! I am not entirely sure about this yet... but I like how it brings color into the hallway which is ever so boring. 

I love yellow accents! They are so happy and I am ready for spring to show us its pretty face so I can get on with my yellow world! I am picking up a chair tomorrow night that I found on Craig's list for dirt cheap and I am going to reupholster it with my mom! It is going to be the perfect piece for the empty corner of our family room! 

I am still working on Aiden's room. With school that is requiring so much (yes, every weekend counseling sessions that are recorded - blah!) I am having a hard time getting the move on his room! I have looked over a few different pieces of art for his room that I need to print and head to IKEA to pick up some cheap plastic frames sans glass (perfect for a wild toddler!). I promise to get on that so I can show you the final project! 

A few cute pieces of art that I love...

Okay, I think I am done on my bird walk... enjoy your week everyone! 

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