Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Resolutions: The new house.

1. Stay on track for room updates and designs. I wrote a post here before we moved in about what rooms we were doing in what months. I would like to try my best to stay on top of these - pending finances of course!

2. Rip out juniper bushes. In our last house we saw our sewer pipe get dug out because of an alleged belly. My sister in law's house might have an issue because of damn Juniper bushes. They have the thickets roots and smell like cat pee. You are going away because they are conveniently right over our sewer pipe as well as our neighbors.

3. Plant some Aspen trees in our backyard to help keep out some morning sunlight in the summer! Right now our back window lets in a ton of sun, and heats up our downstairs nicely - which works in the winter, but it might be a different story in the summer!

4. Get the main entry way painted. It is a two story deal, and we sure as heck are not doing it ourselves. We need a little color in that joint! 

5. Figure out a temporary solution for our back "stoop." A slab is in our future for down the line, but we need to get something together to make it a little more presentable for now!

6. Install the back and side fence. Both our back neighbors and side neighbors want to split it with us - so yay! We only technically will be paying for one wall of fence!

7. Plant a garden with Aiden. He has a fascination with gardens and tomatoes (I swear he is his aunt child!) So, I thought it would be a fun project for us to do together this spring. 

8. Organize our basement. It is worse than worse. It is like a hoarders dream. Other than our workout area, it looks like a toy/box bomb went off. I won't even take a photo of it because I am literally that embarrassed. 

9. Plant a lot of flowers! Our house color is the perfect color for a lot of flowers! We have three bushes out front that are lilies. They are beautiful. But we need some contrasting colors! 

This is all I can add to the list because number one will take up the majority of our weekends as it is! 

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