Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas mantel.

I promised myself that after we had Luke's birthday party, we would start the venture of decorating for Christmas. This always usually takes me awhile because I change things up so much, so I get started early to have it how I want it by Christmas. This year we bought a new tree because the one we used to have started to get very hot!!

I have been picturing this mantel since we bought a house back in 2011, and I am so happy that our new house has a fireplace with a beastly mantel!

Sources: Lanterns: TJ Maxx, stool is from a garage sale, tin from Home Goods, large ornaments from TJ Maxx, stockings and ornamental greens from Hobby Lobby, gold trees and star topper from Hobby Lobby, gold decorations from Hobby Lobby, sticks, pearls and gold string from Hobby Lobby. Large canvas artwork from American Furniture Warehouse. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Twinkle, twinkle, little star first birthday.

My littlest turned one last Wednesday and we had his first birthday party today! On top of seeing some great friends, and getting some adorable gifts, I got to have fun with my decorations! I bought a sign at TJ Maxx back in May and after finding it when I unpacked the theme emerged from there!

The gold star straws are from this Etsy shop, cupcakes are from the Target Bakery, smash cake is from King Soopers bakery, dangling star banner over cake was made from a punch and scrapbook paper at Michaels, banner is made from twine and scrapbook paper, the cake stand, basket, and star print is from TJ Maxx, cupcake stand is from Crate and Barrel. The 'one' banner on the high chair is made from scrapbook paper and burlap from Hobby Lobby (pre made!)

The favors are made from boxes at Michaels, a stamp from the Target dollar section, and twine. The stars are from the star punch from Michaels. 

And this is my happy one year old eating his cake! 

Happy weekend everyone! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Up-cycling Target frames.

I saw a post on Pinterest awhile back and it is something I always wanted to try. Our last house was much more "new farmhouse" decor, and our new house screams "I need some gold!!" Which is a big step for me, because in the past I have hated gold. I even bought a fake gold watch this season - shocker! With all of the deep browns, tans, whites, I wanted to keep it neutral but add some pizzazz! Enter GOLD!

These are the $16.99 frames I bought from Target.

To do this project you also will need painters tape, ruler, paper, drop cloth, and gold spray paint.

I measured three inches in from each side and taped the corners off that way. You can do longer or shorter depending on your taste. Make sure you get the tape tight so it doesn't bleed under.

Once I taped them all up, I took them outside to spray them down. Make sure you hold the spray paint at a 45 degree angle about 12 inches away from the frame. Also, be sure to get the sides since they will be seen when hanging on the wall!

I did three coats to make sure it was gold gold! I allowed about an hour in between each coat because I was in a hurry. Next time, I will probably allow for more time in between coats! 

I need to order our new family pictures from mpix. I just haven't gotten around to it, plus I am waiting for Luke's one year photos to be in as well as ordering Christmas cards from them. Seriously, it is an amazing website! :) 

I truly feel like these frames look like they are worth so much more than $16.99. Thanks gold spray paint, you have done it again! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Powder room makeover under $100.

Before we moved in we made a monthly schedule for decorating and re-doing rooms to stay within a normal budget without spending a ton of money upfront. November was dedicated to our downstairs bathroom and putting some of "us" into our builder grade house! It is pretty much just decorating and painting because we chose the floors and finishes that we wanted for the long haul!

We also have blinds, but they were packaged without hardware so we have no way to hang them. I have to call the company to get them to send us hardware! I HATE when that happens - it is kind of blood boiling! It also happened to our light fixture for this bathroom, but I just went back to Lowe's to get a new one! Bye bye boob lights! 

Supplies and resources:
  • Paint $40 (Valspar White Dove in satin & Valspar Oyster Pearl in satin)
  • Antique chair $15
  • Light $29 (Lowe's)
The rest of the things I already had from our old house. Framed artwork is from Ross, plant is from TJ Maxx, mirror was a Groupon about a year ago, Tray for toilet paper is from World Market, Soap holder is from Target, tall table is from a model home show close out. The wire basket is from a neighbor who gave us a house-warming gift! 

The stripes came out near perfect using this tutorial! 

I still need to touch up a few spots that I am noticing in the morning light, as well as add the blinds once the darn hardware comes in, but other than that I think I am done with this room, for now! :)

Happy Monday! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall console table.

I finally got around to putting some decorations on the console table that is now located upstairs in our little loft area. It is the perfect home for this table that used to sit at the bottom of our stairs in the old house. I added some seasonal decor to spruce it up a little bit! I still need to use my canola oil and vinegar concoction to remove some of the lovely scratches that the storage unit caused. But here it is!

It is an overcast day, so don't mind the over-exposed photos. Sources: Candle sticks and candles: American Furniture Warehouse, decorative balls: Hobby Lobby, mercury glass pumpkin, white vase, picture frame, tray: TJ Maxx, white pumpkin: Target, console table: World Market. 

We have big plans for the weekend! We are going to check out my parents new house in the mountain this evening, hopefully start our bathroom paint project, finish up the side table for our bedroom since we lack those right now since we sold them before we moved out of our last house, and lastly, hang some more blinds. What projects does everyone else have in store for this weekend?