Monday, December 2, 2013

Coffee table makeover.

When visiting all of the model homes while our house was still being built, they all had big, square coffee tables. Well after searching IKEA, Target, American Furniture Warehouse, Larabee's, and all of out other typical go-to's.... we came up with NOTHING. Literally, every 40 x 40 coffee table is over $700 dollars, which was just not happening.

We started thinking of making one. Well, re-doing on. We went to Salvation Army (I know, bad store and I can't believe I gave them our money!), but they had a 50% off sale and we found 'the one!'

It was 38 x 38, so close enough. We were planning on doing a slight over hang anyway. It is U.G.L.Y.  That may even be an understatement. The metal bars have these springs on them, they just needed to go. But, it was $25 dollars so we bought it. 

Then we started brainstorming and came up with a farmhouse coffee table. We bought six 1 x 8's (pine) and cut them to 40 inches long. (First we bought 5, because five times 8 is 40 = perfect. Well, make sure you measure because the supposed 1 x 8, was really 1 x 7.25. We ended up having to go get another one so it is slightly not square anymore.) We also bought ebony stain and used some wood filler we had. 

SIDE NOTE: Wood putty and Wood Filler are not the same. Wood putty does not dry - don't use it to fill holes!! (lesson learned)

I also bought a new quart of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Country Grey. I used about 1/8 of the can so that really equates to about $4 for the paint. 

My lovely husband stained the wood for me, we let it sit over night, and then we used liquid nails to place them on the filled, painted, table. We also used some old 1.5 inch screws that we had to secure the boards.

Now we have this....

I am kind of in love with it. LOVE it! 



This project cost us $48 dollars all together. I'd say that is much better than the $700 plus that it would cost for a table this size through another store. 

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