Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas break to-do list!

My husband has an amazing three weeks off from work to get a lot of things done! I thought I would throw together a check list of the things we want to get done over break. It just so happens that my cousin is coming out from New York for almost two weeks, and she has an amazing sense of style as well - so we have big plans!

1. Reinforce the curtain rod over our 96" wide window. It is getting a little saggy and doesn't look so good!

2. Install board and batten in Luke's nursery, paint, and decorate his room. The inspiration came from the new Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. 

3. Paint Aiden's room. He keeps asking me when I am going to paint his room. I got this idea from Pinterest, so I am going to go with it to match his room theme. 

4. Organize our closet. It is a nightmare. Enough said. 

5. Organize our landry room to make it more functional for 'right now'. We have pretty big plans for this room, including bead board ceiling's, a fun color an maybe even a chandelier!.... but for now, it still has boxes, I am ashamed! 

I could probably add more to this list, but with my cousin coming to town and our big plans to attend the Cheyenne Mountain zoo, Glenwood Springs, and Breck, we will probably skip major projects! 
Plus, I like completing lists and this one is much more doable than if I were to add a ton of things! What are you Winter Break projects??

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