Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Up-cycling Target frames.

I saw a post on Pinterest awhile back and it is something I always wanted to try. Our last house was much more "new farmhouse" decor, and our new house screams "I need some gold!!" Which is a big step for me, because in the past I have hated gold. I even bought a fake gold watch this season - shocker! With all of the deep browns, tans, whites, I wanted to keep it neutral but add some pizzazz! Enter GOLD!

These are the $16.99 frames I bought from Target.

To do this project you also will need painters tape, ruler, paper, drop cloth, and gold spray paint.

I measured three inches in from each side and taped the corners off that way. You can do longer or shorter depending on your taste. Make sure you get the tape tight so it doesn't bleed under.

Once I taped them all up, I took them outside to spray them down. Make sure you hold the spray paint at a 45 degree angle about 12 inches away from the frame. Also, be sure to get the sides since they will be seen when hanging on the wall!

I did three coats to make sure it was gold gold! I allowed about an hour in between each coat because I was in a hurry. Next time, I will probably allow for more time in between coats! 

I need to order our new family pictures from mpix. I just haven't gotten around to it, plus I am waiting for Luke's one year photos to be in as well as ordering Christmas cards from them. Seriously, it is an amazing website! :) 

I truly feel like these frames look like they are worth so much more than $16.99. Thanks gold spray paint, you have done it again! 

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