Monday, November 11, 2013

Powder room makeover under $100.

Before we moved in we made a monthly schedule for decorating and re-doing rooms to stay within a normal budget without spending a ton of money upfront. November was dedicated to our downstairs bathroom and putting some of "us" into our builder grade house! It is pretty much just decorating and painting because we chose the floors and finishes that we wanted for the long haul!

We also have blinds, but they were packaged without hardware so we have no way to hang them. I have to call the company to get them to send us hardware! I HATE when that happens - it is kind of blood boiling! It also happened to our light fixture for this bathroom, but I just went back to Lowe's to get a new one! Bye bye boob lights! 

Supplies and resources:
  • Paint $40 (Valspar White Dove in satin & Valspar Oyster Pearl in satin)
  • Antique chair $15
  • Light $29 (Lowe's)
The rest of the things I already had from our old house. Framed artwork is from Ross, plant is from TJ Maxx, mirror was a Groupon about a year ago, Tray for toilet paper is from World Market, Soap holder is from Target, tall table is from a model home show close out. The wire basket is from a neighbor who gave us a house-warming gift! 

The stripes came out near perfect using this tutorial! 

I still need to touch up a few spots that I am noticing in the morning light, as well as add the blinds once the darn hardware comes in, but other than that I think I am done with this room, for now! :)

Happy Monday! 

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