Monday, November 4, 2013

First ASCP experience: love it!

Before we moved into our new house, I bought a little half table for our entry way. My previous console table moved upstairs, so I needed something small and cute for our entrance way that wouldn't restrict the walk-way too much. I picked up this little guy from a local Facebook group for $30.

Don't mind the messy playroom in the back. But, this table is..... gross. It is old, formal, burgundy.... way not me. At all! So I decided to go the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint route. That stuff is amazing. It is pretty pricey - but I barely used any, so I can paint many more things in the beautiful French Linen color that I chose that I have seen all over Pinterest! I still want to add pumpkins to my glass urn but I need to spray paint them and we threw away all of our old spray paint before we moved. 

But here it is as of now:

I hope you like it! I will be doing an ASCP tutorial with one of our night stands so keep an eye out for that! 

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