Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hospital bag for mom.

Since I am still scrambling to get our house together, and Luke is almost one, I thought I would share what I packed in my hospital bag to help new mom's out!

1. Hanes boy - short underwear. These things are amazing. They are so comfortable to wear home from the hospital. While your in the hospital - they give you throw away undies - at least my hospital did! (They also give you pads, witch hazel wipes, and steroid cream if you ask for it!)

2. Gilligan & O'Malley nursing bras. They are so comfortable!

3. Sweatpants or shorts to sleep in that can get ruined. I would bring three or four of these, depending on the season. If you are the type to be all 'pretty' at the hospital, you can chose some Princess Kate dress or something, but that wasn't me! :)

4. Either tank tops or larger shirts to lift easily. My favorite were these from Victoria Secret. You can find similar ones other places though!

5.. Nursing pads. The reason I bring these, even though your milk won't likely be in, is because when you put Olive Oil on your chest, it will prevent staining your clothes!

6. Olive oil. If you are going to nurse - this stuff will save your life. Forget the Lansinoh cream, olive oil is 10x better, a natural anti-baterial, and natural! Seriously, use this at the hospital, at home, anytime you feel a tear coming on... it is amazing.

7. Your own toilet paper. I may be am picky. The stuff at the hospital is hard, and paper - like. It is no Cottonelle. So, that is what I bring, my stuff from home. When you are sore - you will appreciate it!

8. Camera and charger. For obvious reasons.

9. Cell phone, computer, tablet, and charger.

10. Comfortable shoes. I wore flip flops, even in November, because that is how I roll! :)

11. Toiletries. Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, razor, loofa, body wash, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair dryer, hair ties, and makeup.

I should also add that I do not bring my own pillows or blankets. I think for a few nights I can deal with the hospital ones, plus it is SO MUCH to carry out when you are leaving. You have your bags, your baby's bags, your gifts, the flowers.... and a new BABY! It is just one less thing I wanted to deal with with my second child. Oh, if I had only known this much with my first!

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