Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kick Buttowski room.

Like I said last week, Aiden has asked for a Kick Buttowski room with skateboards. I never pictured my kid to like skateboards, but I jumped on the opportunity to think up a cute, toddler urban design and toss in a little kid mix to the equation.

Kick Buttowski room:

I guess this is what kids think is cool these days. I so need to find him a boom box. 

Today I ordered his bedding that he helped me pick out. If you have never had a kid in a bed, I strongly advice getting a duvet cover. That way, when they vomit randomly in the middle of the night, you can just remove the duvet and put a cheap-o one on for the duration of the sickness! 

These are from Land of Nod and when you sign up on their e-mail list you get 10% off your purchase. I also just found out the twin duvet inserts are only $7 dollars and IKEA! YES! - much better than the $79 Land of Nod charges! We are probably going to do a light grey as shown in the photo. I also ordered a light blue Q pillow so Aiden and Luke can both use it in the future. Here is some skateboard inspiration that I plan to use for his new room as well! 

And here is the art I bought last week for his room.

Hopefully this turns out as well as I hope it will! 

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