Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Granite and rounded corners.

Last week we drove over an hour to some boon town to find the tile company that Richmond Homes uses for their granite. Literally an hour, with a screaming baby. He only doesn't scream in the car when the windows are down. The toddler, he has some anal retentive issues and he absolutely cannot have the windows down or he freaks. I secretly think he doesn't want his beautiful curls messed up. He is going for the McDreamy look. Anyway, that was fun.

Then we get there and they failed to tell us that children cannot be in the showroom. Awesome. So I was the only one allowed to go in while my husband stayed in the waiting area with the kids. Luke had a poop explosion and Aiden lost the iPad. More fun.

By the time I looked at the pieces, I came back and asked if he wanted to go look too. He just said I trust you - it was that kind of day. So much undue stress for five minutes of picking granite. (Insert angry face here).

The grey-ish granite we chose has natural "clouds" in it. Both of the pieces they had in stock had clouds, but one was smack dab in the middle, the other had a few near the edge. We I chose the ones near the edge thinking they may get cut off. The type of granite is called Barcelona.

We also went to our house last night. There was not too much done, but we have rounded corners! We forgot we chose that option! We also went there and saw all of our windows open. The rain was coming in, so we shut them! :) Just keeping the house mold-free for the kiddos!

Today marks the 45 day countdown! I am sure my parents are happy about that! 

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  1. Material shopping! Cool. It's quite a relief that, even if you had a little trouble with the kids, it all went well. It’s nice that you’re both hands-on with the construction of your house. At least when a problem occurs, you’ll know immediately how to deal with it. How’s your house by the way? I hope you had a nice experience with moving.

    Barry @