Friday, September 27, 2013

A simple fall wreath.

My brother surprised his wife be making over their door while she was out of town. I don't have after pictures quite yet, but I thought I would share the wreath I quickly threw together for their door. After getting to his house and finding out he did not have a hot glue gun, I had to make shift with the bow, but it will be fixed soon! :)

I got all of the materials at Michaels. 
Flowers: $5.99 x 3 = $18 @ 40% off $10.80
Wreath: $3.99
Burlap Ribbon: $9.99 with a 50% off coupon from $5
Total: $19.80

Much cheaper than buying a tacky plastic wreath at Michaels. 

To place the flowers in the wreath I just cut the ends, wiggled the wire back and forth, and broke them off and stuck the stumps into the wreath. If you live in a very windy city, you might want to consider gluing them. My brother has a storm door so this wreath won't see wind!

Keep an eye out for the whole set up in the next week - with a command hook instead of the ugly wreath hook! :)

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