Thursday, August 1, 2013

True Before & After and a GOODBYE!

This may be a little long, so bare with me!

The summer of 2011 we were staying at my parents house, watching their dog while we decided we wanted to move out of our condo and into a house. We were at Starbucks trying to decide if we should buy a house that had over $3,000 dollars worth of leans on it. The previous owners, later to find out, let because of a neighbor. They just up and abandoned the house because the husband lost his job and the neighbors were lighting fireworks off at his camper while his in-laws were living in it. These same neighbors were the reason we moved. They were horrible. Their adult son lived there and played on his car and blasted his music so loud daily that it shook our pictures on our walls and made out ceiling fan click. AWFUL.

Well, that is not even the beginning of it. After I had asked him for over 18 months to turn his music down, and he obliged, but only for the day, he was back at it. Pregnant, tired, and having an almost two year old he woke up, I snapped. I called the sheriff and they came to talk to them. Well, what a big mistake. Let me tell you, the Facebook harassing began. I got messages from his mother that were horrible. A few months later after we had listed our house, his dad called me fat on a public neighborhood page. It was awful. We hated them. They let their dog poop on our lawn, our front porch was littered with many cigarette butts (we do not smoke), and cones from street contraction were placed on our porch and in front of our cars. Not to mention the BBQ sauce thrown on our car.

I can finally scream HELL YES!!!! at the top of my lungs to be out of there and let those neighbors be someone else's problem! That being said I thought I would post before and after photos of the house when the previous owners owned it and what it looked like before we left!

Master Bath Before

Master Bath After

 Master Bath Before

Master Bath After

 Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

 Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Family Room Before

Family Room After

 Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Now the story of this lovely home. After deciding to take the plunge and "sign away our lives" we were so pleased we did. It was a short sale home. I do not recommend anyone to go that route, because I cried a lot. But, I kind of do that anyway. 

We had three buyers for this house. Like I always say "third time IS the charm!" The first, was a total ass. He made us fix over 4,000 dollars worth of things. $3200 of it was a sewer pipe that was never even broken. His financing fell through. We HATE him. 

Second buyer, we think their daddy was buying the couple a house. He didn't like the neighborhood and said the houses were not built well. (Guess they dodged a bullet because they have one BAD neighbor). 

Third buyer (charm) bought it and the papers were signed yesterday. We did not invest much into this house. 

Things we did invest in:
1. Tile in the boys bathroom ($400)
2. Sod in the front and back yard ($1800)
3. Painted the whole house ($1000)
4. Painted cabinets ($100 - Killer I know - look for 'how to' on Young House Love)
5. Stainless steel appliances ($1600)

Our investment return was +32%. Killer! We maybe put $6,000 into the house over the 22 months we lived there! And, that is even pushing it! 

If you or someone you know is in the Denver metro area, I highly recommend our realtor, Jack Fine! You can e-mail him by clicking on the link! 

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